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  1. I agree. I have no idea why suddenly this is the game that makes everyone go apeshit over microtransactions. It is hardly the worst example I can think of. When I made the post I knew about previous examples (DA:I for instance) but the fact that really irked me was that this is Deus Ex. A fantastic franchise (give or take with invisible war...) that I had a lot of respect for, and it sucks to see it get stained with shit like micro transactions.
  2. In regards to old SNES games, does anyone know how good reproduction carts are? I just bought a repro cart of Chrono Trigger for thirty something bucks (instead of 100 for an original), just to test the waters and see if I can just do this with all the other madly expensive carts (Mega Man 7 and Earthbound are a couple that I have seen repros in circulation on ebay) as well as games like Secret of Mana 2 (which wasn't released in the US). Does anyone have any experiences with them, bad or good?
  3. I just beat Paper Mario TYD and Super Mario RPG recently
  4. I heard Praxis Kits are part of the microtransactions. Is it possible to get all of the upgrades without spending real money? It is possible to get all the upgrades without spending money, but its just one of those things that its existence is kind of irking for what it represents.
  5. I remember when Inquisition came out, and hearing about the micro transactions that game had pissed me off. But today when I heard the new Deus Ex game was finally out I decided to check it out and see how the reviews were on steam. One use DLC. Micro transactions in the SINGLE player campaign. Is this something gamers should just ignore and let it happen? I honestly think this is bullshit and if left unchecked is only going to get worse. What the fuck Square Enix?
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