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  1. Oh god this game was so disappointing. There's just enough there that you can see what it could have been. Or at least there was if you could get it to run. It took me an age to get the thing stable, and even then it would crash to desktop on a regular basis. Although, there was one bug that was simply hilarious - for some reason, it would apply lighting effects normally, with the exception of the character's eyes. Combine that with the psycho-staring and it felt like I was surrounded by Goa'uld.
  2. Hi all, first time poster here I'll admit right now I'm a DE fanboy - I got the original the day it was available on my local store, and played it so much I literally wore the disk out. There are a couple of points about the plot from the video I'd like to clarify; Edit - I'm an idiot. About Hong Kong: VersaLife doesn't manufacture the dragon tooth sword. They stole it to foster conflict between the Triads, in order to Tong's resources, because Tong is one of their enemies who can screw up their plans. "Just So Happens" doesn't come into it. About "Blowing Up the Internet": That's not exactly what happens - what you blow up is the hub of the Aquinas system, which governs communications routing. It does the heavy lifting to reduce the amount of bandwidth used for 'logistical' data, making internet connections faster. When you blow it up... well, imagine what would happen if TCP/IP and all phone lines suddenly stopped working. You can plug your computers directly into each other to make a network no problem, but everything else stops because they simple don't know how to talk to each other any more. T fix it, you basically have to write new networking protocols from scratch, with only the resources you have directly at hand because you can't access any computers or call someone for help. I hope I don't sound condescending, I simply love the story of this game to an embarrassing degree - I live for that kind of multilayered, complex storyline. The sheer amount of detail and interlocking story elements means that even today I'm still finding new details and elements that I've previously missed.
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