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  1. Ross, you may have answered this before, but I still wanna ask you this: Have you travelled around Poland at all? If you have, then how did you like it? Are there any places you've heard of that you think you might wanna see? While we're at it, how much have you travelled around the world in general? Where have you been, how did you find the places that you've seen?
  2. Ross, do you think it's possible that in the future Gaming and Movies would be curriculum subjects on-level with literature? I believe that at this point all three of these mediums can deliver the same amounts of cultural development provided proper selection of games/movies in question. Isn't it likely that both games and movies will eventually be as much of a part of everyday life as literature? I think it's only fair that pupils should also learn about the history and development of various genres and milestone games/movies, they'd analyze the plots and the characters and so on. What are you thoughts about having classes like that? I'm not talking about an urgent or necessary change in the education system worldwide, I just wanna raise an interesting topic for discussion.
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