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  1. It's the kind of post you should report, (the ! in the lower right corner of the post) not reply to. I did report it first.
  2. Is this a phishing scam? Because this looks a lot like a phishing scam. That or spam.
  3. I can't wait to see the new Game Dungeon episode. I wonder what it is? If it's worthy of taking this much time, I'd assume it's the Marathon Trilogy and maybe at least one mod, Pathways into Darkness, or all of the above. I still can't wait for those to be covered. Either way, looking forward to the episode regardless. I take it Gordon's opening line in FM2E3 goes something like: "SHARK!". To add to the Marathon part, my profile pic is actually the symbol for that series, with the Thundercats 2011 symbol crudely photoshopped on top of the middle circle.
  4. I really hope we see more of these Ross. I'd love to hear Gordon's comments on some of the things like the Citadel, the new headcrab and zombie types, Lamarr, Alyx Vance, Nova Prospect etc. Say, when the full game of Missing Information comes out, will you cover that one too? I'd gladly watch it. PS: Marathon Trilogy and Pathways into Darkness for the next Game Dungeon please. (plus mods)
  5. Don't know if you already know this Ross, considering you must have read Garden of Rama and Rama Revealed (or read the wiki), but the human colony established in Rama III in the third book is taken over by an evil businessman, Nicole's second daughter becomes his willing bitch as well as an alcohol, drug and sex addict, and he turns the whole human colony into a combination of Trump America and the Combine from Half Life 2. (not that there's much of a difference between the two) He even leads a xenophobic and genocidal war against the avian and myrmicat colony in a bid to take over more of the Central Plain. I haven't finished Rama Revealed yet so no spoilers. So I guess your comment on Sabatini ends up being correct; the Ramens or at least the Nodal Intelligence get a better picture of humanity, barring the few smart individuals like our protagonists who end up joining the octospiders in the South Hemicylinder with two surviving avian chicks and some myrmicat manna eggs and sessile webbing.
  6. Don't know if you'll see this Ross, but I'd also recommend Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity's multiplayer for MP sessions. I've only played the Xbox port of M2 on local multiplayer and the Windows Aleph One Marathon games via P2P so I'd ask around on the Story Forum if internet games are possible besides LAN. The games are like Doom meets Halo: you've got Deathmatch Classic and Team, the original Oddball, King of the Hill, Tag which became Halo's Juggernaut, and co-op in the campaign mode. Marathon 1 Classic only supports Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch however, but the M2 source code port of Marathon 1, M1A1 does however. I hope the Marathon Trilogy and Pathways into Darkness are the next game dungeons. PID could always be kept for Halloween though if you wanted.
  7. What is the best emulator to use for this game? I get most of my emulation good from Emuparadise and I thought maybe they might have one, but I don't know which is the best. I'd like to know because I really want to play this game, and the arcade in town doesn't have it. Not that I an able to go to the arcade and theme park much these days.
  8. Pathways into Darkness is probably worse maze wise but at least the map for it and its sequel, Marathon is easier to read and comprehend than Doom engine or Build engine games. PID is timed however and the timer speeds up by 7 minutes per 1 or 2 seconds when you sleep in game. The Labyrinth floor is even randomised every time you go to it, as a reference to the developer's (Bungie's) first commercial game, Minotaur: the Labyrinths of Crete. Except that the PID labyrinth is full of electrified Rover sentries from the Prisoner, as opposed to network players. http://lparchive.org/Pathways-Into-Darkness/Update%2023/sphere.png
  9. Same here. You can get the game on Steam for £8.99 Stirling. I do warn that the photos of people that make the speech bubbles in the menus also make stupid derpy faces when giving tips which gets annoying.
  10. Have you considered doing an LP of this game sometime? I'm trying to beat it but a few of the challenges, mostly grinding ones are unwinnable or otherwise far too hard due to stupid rail placement in the challenges, and just as bad score requirements for some King of the Hill and "race" levels. It's similar to Polaris Snocross except this game insults the player's skill level rather than giving the other racers Fast Forward time controls from Blinx. I'm stuck on Broken Back slope 2 challenges and I think both main slopes in Mount Blanca. The terrible music doesn't help, except for Holiday and the menu screen's Adorable. Walking Down I'd say is the worst of the game's songs. it isn't even someone whining; it's just gibberish. Anyway, some rails are tree branches that stick too far out, and the next rail is right out of reach by the tip of the first one, usually at an angle. I try to jump off and land on the next one, I succeed in crashing into the very point of the first tree and lose the challenge. I try to jump to the side or just grind off the end without jumping, I always have too much momentum or not enough, even when braking beforehand and I fail. Other times, the game glitches and I don't even grind the first rail when pressing the key. Others, it glitches and I crash against the rail, falling off my skies. The "commute" for want of a less sweary term for getting back to the challenge I just failed also gets really boring really fast, and succeeding one hard rail to instantly hit another makes me panic and screw up. The commute back even can make me forget what I was going to do next to tackle that roadblock. Sorry for the rant but I tend to waffle a bit. Do you have any ideas for it? I tried looking up LPs but I couldn't find any good ones, and 70% of the ones I did find were not in English. Lighter note: it sadly didn't snow for us on Christmas here in the UK, but it did snow last night and most of it is still on the ground outside; I was just taking a walk in the park around 2:30 PM this afternoon. There didn't seem to be any really good snow for boogy boarding down the golf course behind our cul de sac like we used to, let alone skiing, which was rather disappointing because Freakout has got me into skiing after seeing your video and giving the game a whirl on Steam.
  11. That's OK if it's running late Ross. From the sound of it, it sounds like a good one too. Hope to Solaris it is the Marathon Trilogy or even Pathways into Darkness! Looking forward to it either way. LOC
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