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  1. Win10 is the worst to work/play with all programms which are older than Win10 and the worst for 70% from all which are newer. So don't blame the Editor. Making such a big and detailed map which you has opened there need a few more hours of work.. 1000 and more.. so as long you don't made something like that from scratch yourselve, you don't have the right to say that they are "poorly made".. also when they are. It can have a bad gameplay, but thats an other point. You will have bad gameplay when you play with 16 vs 16 players on a map which is made for 3 vs 3 and vis versa.. The Editor is still a 3D-Modelling programm and they are all bad, the old as well as the new. The bigger the map, the more details in your view the slower it is.. using win10 makes it just worse. The Engine itselve could also handel high poly StaticMeshes, and with the right lightning it can nearly look as good as the newer engines (And it will also heat up your CPU as hell.). Try using an other view (Textured), remove the SM (W) the Volumes (O) the Fog (F) and "Hide Actors". That should make it faster.
  2. Thanks for hosting. Worked fine. You can change the Link-setup in instand action.. start the map » hit Esc » Map » Link Desinger (on the right next to the big map). Clear links and make the one you want.. but you can't save it cause it is inside the map and changing a map woul cause everybode a filemismatch.. and I think you can't join with the demo than anyway... not sure. You can also play UT2k4 in 4K or any other resolution.. you just need the hardware and adjust the right values.. for example: System » UT2004.ini » [WinDrv.WindowsClient] WindowedViewportX=1900 WindowedViewportY=1006 FullscreenViewportX=1920 FullscreenViewportY=1080 There are still a bunch of UT2k4 servers out there... sure you need the full version to play on them. Also ONS servers.. for example http://www.ceonss.net .. we are still active and creating and editing maps.. and always searching for some nice and polite newbies or old players who want to came back. And the game is also a kicker on every LAN-party.. there are many mods out there.. also some of them are now a retail game.. like Rocket League which is the same as CarBall. You can buy the game on steam or here.. sometimes the sell it for 2 €... you maybe have to tell them that you need a key for onlineplaying. https://de.gamersgate.com/DD-UT2004/unreal-tournament-2004-editors-choice-edition
  3. UT2004 Onslaught Tutorial: mGIY5sL0bUg Other Onslaught and general tips UT2004 Beginners Thread by MysTikal Funny UT-Knigge (german) Btw. nice Dragon TheTron852.
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