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  1. I finally got the cash to get into VR! My setup is as follows. CPU: i5 RAM: 12 GB GPU: GTX 1060 VRAM: 6 GB Headset: ASUS MR HC102 Bundle I won't be able to max out the settings or anything, but this should be more than enough to get started. I decided that Mixed Reality was the way to go, because the idea of setting up base stations / "Lighthouses" always seemed really awkward and inconvenient to me. There are a few VR experiences I already know I want: 1. Tabletop Simulator 2. SUPERHOT VR 3. The Talos Principle VR 4. Batman Arkham VR 5. Job Simulator But another thing I am really interested in is watching 3D movies with virtual surround sound. So far my experience on mobile VR has been that 3D movies on Gear and Daydream only do a static downmix to stereo. That's not virtual surround sound. Virtual surround sound should dynamically mix down to your stereo headphones on the fly based on the position of your head relative to where you've decided to place some virtual surround sound speakers. So if you lean back, you'll hear a little bit more of the back channels, and if you turn around then you'll hear the left and right reversed, just like if you were in a room with surround sound in real life. I haven't heard of any apps doing that, but I really want it. Also (and here is the real point of my post) I want to try old games (Especially Descent. Descent is the most important) with stereoscopic 3D in a virtual theater like Ross was talking about! It has been quite a while since that video though. What's the final verdict on that, guys? Is VorpX still the best option? Have any other stereoscopic drivers for old games to work on new VR headsets come along? Has anyone in the community been running experiments on some of the stuff Ross was ranting about? I think this needs an update!
  2. I'd agree the main thing the 8-Bit guy needs help with is sound design. What do you mean? Did his previous games have bad sound? I think his 8-Bit Keys videos sound good.
  3. Alexander Brandon is working on this Kickstarter game with The 8-Bit Guy. Everybody support them cause the game looks really awesome mkay?
  4. Has there been any updates?
  5. Still praying for you to get better!
  6. I prayed for you to get better. I know you probably don't believe in God but that doesn't mean He doesn't believe in you. I think we've lost control of things that cause problems like this because of the Fall of Man, but God is helping us win that control back gradually, to the extent that we can show we're responsible enough to use that power for good. It's really tough that we can get sick in the meantime though.
  7. I know lots of weird, obscure and old games nobody's heard of and so I find Ross's Game Dungeon really inspiring, especially the really strange episodes like Super Cult Tycoon, Bozo's Night Out, Bip Bop II and Eternam. I am thinking of trying to make my own videos in a similar style and was wondering: what is the process? I would assume it involves three steps before you edit: 1. Capturing game footage 2. Writing the script 3. Recording the voiceover The question is, what order do these three activities go in? Do you write the script, then get game footage, then record? Or do you write and record first, then get game footage after?
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