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  1. Another update Ross's Big Game List UPD
  2. Eh...this screenshot look like a scene from Cyberpunk 2077... Interesting...
  3. Good one. I completely forgot of this game. Maybe it's time to play it... I think I even have a disc somewhere...
  4. I've tried tp play this one after getting it on Steam for free recently. And... I must say it is not a bad game. And at first I was ok with controlling two different entities (girl and camera), but...in the beginning of the second chapter it became too annoying to switch cameras or look how they switch automatically providing you with a portion of disorientation. You can scout ahead with a camera, but it may switch any moment to some inconvenient angle from another camera while girl moves. Also more than once girl were doing not what I wished from her, cause you click one spot, but there may be invisible overlap and she will go to another spot, right into the enemy (Good they are dumb and mostly blind). And from what I've seen from some reviews...this trend will continue in the other chapters and become worse. So...guess I am good. Other things are: Story that I was not particularly interested in, and collectables that are also not interesting and mostly have no good reason to be in the game. But game is still not bad and can provide some interesting experience...that some older games already done before, but in more interesting way (Like Lifeline).
  5. Since there are some new entries on the list Ross's Big Game List UPD
  6. Space Siege I am not sure if Ross were speaking about this one, but here it is. It is like Dungeon Siege in space, but not really. You don't have many people in party, you don't have grid based inventory or potions, or magic... It is not Dungeon Siege in space actually, but when you play it it feels...like someone made a shooter on Dungeon Siege engine. Cause they indeed made it. And it does not feel bad. The game is short and more or less interesting. The story is...you are here not for the story. I was playing it on Russian, cause it was the only version I was able to find. Strongly not recommend it, they made almost terrible job on this one. Original voices that were left in game by mistake were fine. Game worth playing to explore space ship and blow up enemies. And also observe how 3D engine acts, and it is actually interesting. And frustrating at times. Also...I was not a fan of having so many buttons, fortunately you can actually almost beat this game using just shooting weapons. Unfortunately last boss is too hard to use just it. So...that's all I have to say. Oh, almost forgot, don't follow the creepy laughing girl (cause she will lead you nowhere and game itself will forget to explain what the hell it was).
  7. Somewhat fun and buggy. Tried it, was not able to go in some places where you should be able visually, was able to stuck pretty easy on terrain and by unintentionally dropping the bus on it's side. Was able to see famous german underwater grass, hills and plains. I guess it is good as exploration thing, if you ok with the bugs it have
  8. Well...Just finished the Expansion for the Underrail. Or you may say DLC, but it was pretty big (not as big as main game still) and... It was really really good. Story is much better than main game in my opinion, and I experienced less BS during combat. And it have one really really good NPC, that speak about some really interesting philosophy. I guess now I actually like this game
  9. Just finished the main game (and maybe will finish DLC too, but I am kind of uncertain, cause I am already at the maximum level and there will be no more growth with a lot more hard fights ahead). So...even maximizing myself in everything but equipment it was long and somewhat hard. Especially last boss...which you can actually beat easier if you consume all the enhancing drugs you have. Otherwise it was unbeatable for me (well maybe if I was doing full combat build with all the needed feats...and crafted myself best equipment possible). Anyway, point is that this game is...something. On harder difficulties it might as well be "prison sentence game", but kind of fair one.
  10. Not a bad game. Certainly more on the good side, but not without minor problems. Mainly I don't like map (especially that there is no map in one certain giant city for no good reason) and trading system (I understand it, but trading is really not a reliable way to make money, probably it was exactly the point). And I certainly skipped much less dialog here than in famous big RPGs. This game have a lot of ways to take care of your enemies, and you will need to get rid of lots and lots of them. Practically this game is about combat, but it have ok story and very interesting side ideas, events and conversations. And best thing about it - even if you slightly cheat in this game it still remains hard, make you think about how to use items that you have to survive another fight. Just don't change default difficulty, but you probably want to change default experience system (cause I am not sure oddity one provides you with enough of it). As for the cheats, I just gave myself highest stats and skills possible on character creation, and keep giving myself maximum possible skill points on level ups. Also I gave myself tons of money in both currencies of the game, to remove need to micromanage selling stuff. I think If you just gave yourself same "unfair advantage" on character creation and give yourself infinite money this game will be just playable enough for everyone who skipped it before because it's hard. Cause it will still be hard enough
  11. For me this game started as seasickness simulator with very long loading time. And I've been on ships before, in a storm too. This game is so much better at making you seasick. It is almost unbelievable. Hard pass.
  12. I am pretty convinced that posting one picture every day somewhere is perfectly legitimate reason to get a spam warning. Maybe posting something with more substance and mush less repeating will be better for everyone.
  13. Done Archangel around 5-7 years ago, and I just can't remember much issues. I remember shooting being a bit weird, but you get use to it fast, and game is too short for it to become real issue. Story was just fine, not something special, just enough for short hack-n-slash/shooter game to have some context. And I don't remember voice acting at all, maybe I was playing localized version, sometimes translation make everything better. Arx Fatalis definitely have those problems, I played it to half of a game and restarted it once to unfuckup some quests and stuff. End up using guides too, cause there were some of "oh, you can do THAT?" moments. At least 3 or 4 moments like that, which was never explained directly in game. Only one with a wooden stakes was visually there, but I ignored it first time, so catacombs were extra creepy for me.
  14. It seems to have gamepad control option, but I have not tried it, cause second keyboard control mode is exactly what was best for me (w/s to accelerate/decelerate, a/d to fire and left/right arrow keys to turn)
  15. So I've tried it. And it is as good as I remember. Controls and everything. BTW now it is on sale on Steam, so it is exactly the time to get it
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