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  1. So, I'm still here and still doing the stuff. This one was much harder. There is Nyet III. (And even translation of this game review may try to kill you) Also editor is still heavily needed. 02 ross_s_game_dungeon_nyet_iii_ru.srt
  2. Asking about it because in my school in Russia we were studying English (or, some people, French or German), I think, for 10 years (all 10 years of school). And for some reason now I wonder...if we were studying English, what language were studying people from english-spoken countries. Ok than, thanks for answers.
  3. And for the start, Tyrian. May be some issues, cause I'm not really expirienced in making subs. ross_s_game_dungeon_tyrian_ru.srt
  4. Welp, this was strange that there were no translation (and no translation topic) for this videos so I make some and make one big theme for its translation. Will it last long? Don't know, but I will try to make translations in chronological order from youtube playlist. And...if someone will help withs editing this stuff this will be really nice, becouse even translation is not that easy, as I think it will be. And now on Russian. А выше на английском. В общем, странно, что до сих пор не было перевода (и темы для переводов) для этих видео, так что я решил сделать и то и другое. Долго ли будут продолжаться переводы? Не знаю, но постараюсь переводить видео из плэйлиста Ютуба в хронологическом порядке. И ещё, если кто-то поможет с редактированием, будет весьма неплохо, потому что перевод, как оказалось, делать не столь просто.
  5. Have some pretty random question. Do american children study foreign languages in common schools?
  6. 81 pages... More, than I can read, so I'll just add some material for more pages. Also known sometimes as ShiroHi. Male, Russian. No bears, just squirrels. Translates from English (often, even now) and Japanese (manga and other). Not professional translater. Were watching Ross's videos before the site exist, but register here not long time ago. Don't know what to write here, so just will add some more random stuff.
  7. Ross used some jokes, that eventually changes in "really hardcore translation". Such as a joke about "General Electric". But I personally prefer not to fully translate this one (in full translation there must be a name of some world round well known big company). There are also some things (one or two) that are not well known in Russia. And I think it is better to leave it in original version, because it is better to google and knew something new, than read some replacement word, that may not fits in. (When we translates manga or books we may use addition pages to explain those words, but it will not work for subtitle) And yes, I think this translation will be understandable in any other cases.
  8. Подредактировал немного. Была пара мест, где был неправильный перевод, но не критичных. Тайминги отличные на мой взгляд. Немного занимался переводом, но не сабами, так что можно считать, что тоже впервые. Не идеально, но вроде норм получилось. ADD Oops, now i read the rules and I think I need to add one thing to v2 file freeman_s_mind_2_episode_1_rus_v2.srt
  9. О, круто, так кто-то таки занимается сабами) (И это видео, видимо, таки не было первоапрельским в полном смысле) Проверю сабы на досуге, но уже вижу, что там дофига сделано, не думаю, что перевод плох.
  10. Welp, **it happens. Was little shamed for those people, since I'm Russian. But I don't think nationality and language means a lot in internets. Just someone's do some thing, someone's don't. So the decision is right and clear and there are not much to comment. And hope those things will not happen again, too. (Can help with subtitle translations, but I think there are already someone doing this and this "someone" is better than me)
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