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  1. The other thing that might be of tremendous help is a universal unpacker/converter. If you have the archives with models, textures and animations, getting resources would be easier then ever! It would do nothing for streaming only games, but if someone saved the files from Darkspore or other "game bricks", the assets can be saved, or at least salvaged and repurposed in the different engine. It's actually way more realistic and may have better results then a Neural network powered software trained to work with recordings or a program for ripping 3D data from GPU, due to the problems discussed in the video. But in cases of streaming only games, games with 3D data handled by server and games with weird archiving/encryption/formatting the unpacker/converter can't handle, those two might be the only chance, yeah.
  2. Speaking of streamlining the process as much as possible, the creator of Garry's Mod is currently making the S&box, with the original vision of being able to just "stick your fbx and png files in your addon and load them and it'd all be good" or at the very least making content for Source 2 as easy as possible. That's kind of on the other side of the dream process from the video, but the S&box project could be an easier solution for the people then working with unreal and unity to create worlds and have a native VR support for them (being based on HLAlyx and all).
  3. To be fair, how would you prove it is intended to take copyrighted materials? It's the same deal as with the console emulators. Making them and using them is not a crime as it is useless without a game's .ISO, it's only once you pirate the console game's disc image it can be proven as a crime. Nothing wrong with making or using a program to access your GPU (which you own) to take parts from it's memory or whatever while playing game (which you also own) and converting that data into a different format. It's only a crime once you share this data online and it's clearly recognized as a part of intellectual property that you do not own.
  4. Well, happy new year. Mine contribution to this thread is the soundtrack for "Taz: Wanted". A small game from 2002 that never did get much attention, but the music there is awesome! You might be interested in the "spin" versions. The playlist is going to be below. Some samples first: The playlist is here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO4jlmGoc6uBGe69_-jGaOesia9IFhr45 Or here, for .flac quality: https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/taz-wanted-soundtrack
  5. I think, knowing adress to the Kleiner's lab wouldn't do any good for Gordon. Or it would be too long to say in that short amount of time. "Ok, so exit to the plasa, go the only way that doesn't have any combine checkpoints, find the N street, look for the white building next to a warehouse, get to the basement, find a Soda machine, insert any coin, input the secret code with the machine buttons and here you are. Yep, that's about it."
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