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    3 videos in one week? My god, Ross has discovered the secrets of time travel! Again!
  2. This is really great, guys. Today, the United States Congress released the finalized set of new exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, which force hardware manufacturers and software developers to allow users to modify their products in order to retain usability. This means that you can no longer be restricted from tampering with your phone or whatever to keep it from breaking, but more interestingly for us (and most pertinently to this forum), it includes a section specifically outlining the exceptions for video games on pages 81-83. It's mostly in legaleze, so I'll dissect it all real quick: This is the key bit. It allows that lawfully acquired games that are no longer playable due to the loss of a central server to be modified in order to become playable again. Now, those games that were previously lost to always-online DRM can be legally cracked to function without it. The section here is really fantastic for the historical preservation of games. If a game's DRM does not work anymore, and it is no longer sold anywhere, it can be modified to work. It's a bit vague, and IANAL, but to my understanding, emulators, at least in the name of preservation alone, are no longer illegal under DMCA. (The ROMs, however, probably still are, at least as long as they're being distributed.) This is where we get into more specific detail. This is a bit of a bummer, since it means that preservation is still only 100% legal for games that only use a central server for DRM, but it's still good to have it set in stone. This is a heavy hitter. Whether the company has officially stated that server support will return or not, after six months, modifying it to work is legal. This should make it harder for the companies to go for their beloved scummy plays. For once, this is pretty self-explanatory. It sadly doesn't include fan-made servers in the exemption. Just in case there's any confusion as to what constitutes as eligibility for libraries, archives, and museums, this is here to clear that up. While the lack of protection for third-party servers kinda sucks, the rest of this is really fantastic for gamers. I was surprised that it wasn't already discussed at length here, so I decided to show it to you all. Hopefully this will make it far harder for companies to go after people trying to play the games they kill.
  3. Sure, but even then, but for most games, a fully-fledged server emulator is still not necessary.
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    What kind of hurts is that Ubisoft has proven that it is totally able to make really really nice nighttime settings before in The Division, which makes every other one of their games look like trash when they're in a similar setting by comparison.
  6. The name seriously is that long. Wolfschanze 1944 is a 2006 WWII FPS that nobody has ever heard of, to the point that almost all documentation of it, other than my video on it, is just a copy-paste of the game's blurb. I've never seen anything past the first level in all of the research I've done on it, and the game was bugged on my computer, which made it crash and delete my saves every time I died, so it's quite possibly another uncharted territory situation. The mouse acceleration is possibly the worst I've ever seen, but the game radiates passion from the amazingly ad-hoc lip syncing and acting. The game is still available for download for $4.99 on its itch.io page at https://calaris.itch.io/wolfschanze-1944, although I've seen it go for free quite often, and if you claim it, you can keep it. I probably wouldn't drop a fiver on it, but hey, I'm not your mom. That page is also really weird because it seems extremely unprofessional in all regards, despite it being the official storefront for the game, so I guess that's an offshoot of it being foreign. Apparently the game also runs on an entirely custom engine, which is a bit strange. A sequel was also apparently developed by another developer, City Interactive, creators of such classic series as Terrorist Takedown and Battlestrike Call of Victory, games that we all know and love and know. I have yet to play it, since it's apparently only available on Deutsch Amazon in German, which you can find at https://www.amazon.de/City-Interactive-Wolfschanze-2/dp/B002TKEVKO. If you want, you can get a boxed copy for $10. I'm sure it'll make a great conversation piece. The sequel kind of looks like the outcome of importing CoD:WaW maps into Stalker, then maxing out the contrast. From what I can tell on GiantBomb, the original developers, Calaris Studios, touts a pantheon of obscure garbage, so I guess that they may have made some other, uh, things.

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