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  1. So, people are excited because Anthem and Dragon Age 4 trailers/teasers were released, but I'm more worried that this all seems like the calm before the storm because EA will very likely kill BioWare if something goes wrong. And I'm sorry if people get worked up reading this; I would hate to see BioWare suffer the same fate as Bullfrog, Maxis, et al. But knowing EA's past, it's a real possibility. Anyone got anything to add, or am I just being paranoid?
  2. There was a time, back in college, when I was waiting outside a big hall for the first extra-curricular Fencing session to start. I had a friend with me so at least I wasn't going to get too bored waiting for the teacher to show up. In the hallway was another door; nothing to see through the window and was labelled "Dark Room". Now at the time I had no photography experience or knowledge and neither did my friend, so we just speculated that it was a secret room where people were taken to be sacrificed or exchanged with dark demonic forces (or something alone those lines anyway). We joked about it for a while and seemed to believe it... then the door opened... Another student, whom we had no idea who they were, just stepped out and walked away. My friend and I stared, looked at each other, then shared a good laugh. It's weird and disappointing when you speculate wildly about something you don't know or understand that well, then reality hits you to correct your imagination. Those were good days. I miss my friend... Moral of the story: If you find something you don't understand, let your imaginative mind speculate wildly and go with the flow. And be ready in case demons come to get you for knowing too much.
  3. Well, I've made it to the Christmas break. Barely. I got in touch with that friend of mine that moved out not long after semester started. She didn't say much, but she was honest of what had happened while keeping reasons to herself. Didn't prod or pry, I understood. We're still friends, which is a relief. I don't think I would have coped with a mass betrayal. I sent an application for counselling at the university, never got a word back. Felt kinda let down by that. Depression and anxiety are still bad; fluctuates all over hell. Monday I'm fine, Tuesday I'm laughing my ass off like a madman or worrying over losing more friends whom I didn't even speak to for a few days, Wednesday I'm so angry I want to punch something (or someone), then Thursday I want to either smash my head against the wall, slit my wrists, or throw myself off a bridge. Friday, I don't feel anything. Just empty. I feel like I'm fighting a war I can't win, but I'm doing my damn best to not die as I'm dodging the random artillery. (I apologise if I've raised the tone too high with this; I've been hit kind of hard these last few months)
  4. No. Lots of people like to keep hold of and keep using things from their childhood. If it's that useful and meaningful to you, that's what matters. Am I weird for actually wanting an apocalypse to happen? (Alien Invasion, Zombie Outbreak, something that makes society and civilisation collapse so you prioritise differently, like what Ross was saying in The Last Stand)
  5. Could I have an invite please?
  6. I'm Boytrooper. Started watching Freeman's Mind back in 07/08, ended up being a fan of much of this stuff ever since. I like gaming and a collective of creative stuff (LEGO, Warhammer 40K, etc). I wish I could say more but my brain doesn't want to work with me, so quote me and ask me questions if your curious.
  7. I don't mean to bump the topic, but it's nice to find something like this on the forums. My summer hasn't been good. It's been horrible; up until today for the last month or so I've been arguing over nothing with a friend, had her stab me in the back after I apologised to her, had my gaming crew collapse, been struggling with my own mind and health, and now my other friend has decided to move out of a house I'm sharing with 2 other people (now) for the duration of this academic year (final year of University) without any explanation. It's been a swamp of confusion, frustration and depression, and I just want to say that my sanity is fucking disintegrating. Why do bad things happen to good people? Did I piss off Fate and this is how much it is going to take to make it even? Does the Universe have a Googolplex-sized grudge with me that it can't sit by and let me get on with my life? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills...
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