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  1. "I can't tell if they're just pod pepole or if they're drinking the kool-aid" (paraphrased) I'm pretty sure google puts something in the water. I'm almost certain I notice it as a general trend with people that age(my age): They'll wilfully rewire their beliefs, opinions, philosophy, and perception of reality to align with their employers interests. It seems like part of pretending their job is "epic" and "awesome" and something to be excited and happy about in general. I'm pretty sure it comes out of just really wanting to not be unemployed and starving. It reminds of japan, where yo u're supposed to be really enthusiastic and dedicated to your company. Except in japan, they have a strong cultural understanding of "honne" and "tatemae", true self vs public facade. In america you're supposed to "be yourself", which here means..well, what I described them doing. "We dont just want your labor we want your SOUL!"
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