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  1. Because of this comment I've been watching his reviews all day. I quite enjoy his breakdowns but wow is he harsh on Heroes. I'd heard nothing about this game before yesterday. Ross made me love it, now I don't know what to think.
  2. Luckily people have ported most if not all of the maps for it, Unleashed, and more to Sonic Generations on PC. That way you can experience the nice level design without the glaring flaws.
  3. Someone is definitely going to upres those skyboxes now that Ross has asked lmao, the Sonic community is crazy. Interesting that I almost never hear anything about this game considering how great it looks. Made me want to give it a shot. As far as music, I'll toss Sonic and the Secret Rings in for consideration. The game was certainly an interesting experiment, but the music was absolutely bumping the entire time I played through (and I almost 100 percented it because it was one of the only Wii games I played). Never got around to Black Knight but I do question who thought it was a good idea to do the storybook stuff and put Sonic so on-rails. Still, I have a lot of love in my heart for that game and thing everyone should give it a shot.
  4. I thought for sure Ross was gonna give out the "Somebody Crack This" award, but it's good to see some of you are already at it on here.
  5. Alright Ross, I know you mentioned it, but I've still gotta throw my hat in the ring. This first episode of this game is terrible, an absolutely miserable experience. However, moving forward, the team ditched most of the cringy language and dropped a majority of the teen drama, leaving only well written things and focusing on more of the sci-fi stuff. They actually do some really cool stuff with the time travel, but I totally get being turned away from the first episode. One thing I will say is that the choices absolutely DO NOT matter, and everything just comes down to a final choice. So, like Walking Dead, it's a great story but no real choices.
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