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  1. Being I was 19 for most of 2015 I'd say I qualify as a teenager during the generation you requested homework from! (Born in 95 for those bad with math). "I am NOT like these fucking posers here, and have some personality and good taste." Okay! Let's pretend that all the hypothetical teenagers in this situation are outcasts, and also that they only like one type of music. This is the kid that doesn't just dislike their peers, but HATES them, and also the color pink. ---> This is the kid that wants the school to blow up. This is the kid that doesn't like to go out and would rather stay home and watch let's players. ---> (Mystery Skulls is SUPER popular with tumblr kids because of their fan animated music videos). This is the kid that thinks they're tortured and also maybe wiccan ---> This is for the person that identifies a little too well with Max in the game, but is less mopey. ---> And bonus, this is what the normal kids these days listen to ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNbedcHmjl8 ||| This was insanely popular with younger adults and teens when it first came out. Wonderful video by the way! I played Life is Strange to completion and my takeaway was that it was a pretty game, but only meant for people who can tolerate cringy dialogue, and had a story that was so badly written I'm convinced actual 16 year olds are behind it. I watched your video with my friend and he was in physical pain every time you showed any of the characters speaking. It was hilarious. That said, the last episode is without a doubt the best part of the game just because it's heavily surrealistic, and I found it to be a little haunting. Much more like Twin Peaks then anything else in the story. Not great but not terrible either, although there is a segment where there's dialogue from previous scenes echoing as you explore the environment, and you do hear "hella." And yes, there are only two endings, and both are tragic in their own ways. One more so than the other. Your choices until then don't entirely matter, you can pick which one you want when presented with them.
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