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  1. Super good video on this one. I watch a good few other people on youtube who have covered this game and, even though they seemed to enjoy it a great deal, something about it didn't sit right with me for some reason. From what you've said, I can tell immediately that this isn't something I'd like. No-one else I watch even mentioned the points that you raised, about 80% of which would all be deal breakers for me. Although I might not fit everyone's definition of a millennial, I feel like I'm in the kind of range that you might appreciate input from. As for my music taste in High School, I tended to listen to a great deal of Weird Al Yancovich, and also some of The Flobots. The Flobots being rap music with political messages. One of their more popular songs is Handlebars: which I always thought was pretty good. I don't think I'd really listen to it now, though. These days, I tend to stay away from anything that has words in it for some reason. I also liked to listen to the Halo 1, and 2 sound track. Man, I'm glad I never have to go to school again.
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