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  1. I just realised that those barrels are buoyant enough that 4 of them support the ramp with the fan-boat jumping it, yet Freeman can push them down under water and under the ramp with absolutely no difficulty. Starting to think the suit is an Iron Man prototype.
  2. Well... I'm pretty tired, and I'm reading an automatically translated document, but this: https://www.prawo.pl/dz-u-akt/-/dokument/Dz.U.2017.880%20t.j./16795787/2219500 seems to be what you're looking for, article 29. [The Right To Quote]. "It is permissible to quote excerpts of popular works and popular works of art, photographic works or small pieces in their entirety to the extent that they are justified by the purposes of the quotation, such as explanation, polemics, critical or scientific analysis, teaching or the rights of the creative genre." But like I said, I'm pretty tired. I was pretty stumped by the registration page trying to register to post this, so I could be way off.
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