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  1. Well, despite all this time, it never ocurred to me to share this, but here it is. This game, a F2P FPS had a diferent OST but was later replaced, and fortunately, also made optional to use the new or the old soundtrack. The new one is the superior soundtrack, the old one sounds like something out of a splinter cell '02 copy cat, not bad, but you arent missing much. Operation 7 New Soundtrack. "menuBGM0" Also, another track, it's actually more or less the exact same tune as "menuBGM0" but with a more chill sound and different instruments. "menuBGM1" On the video description there are links to the lossless tracks. Well, perhaps not really lossless, i dont know, but the files were ripped directly from the game files so quality is as good as it gets. I also recommend Resident Evil games save room themes. This is pretty standard so i bet you know about them, but just in case you don't, check them.
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