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  1. eventually ross is going to have to review the best elder scrolls game out there or just the entire franchise..
  2. ross once said he likes a good beatdown.. so i propose its suitably weird for an episode imo.
  3. How about The Moment of Silence (GoG Trailer) (Intro Trailer) Never really played the game back in the day but ive heard people say its one of those believable futuristic games where the story became real. a game that wants you to think about stuff. more grounded in reality than science fiction. maybe a bit "Deus Ex"? i do know you can talk to an AI at some point in the game and say "i dont see creation only destruction".. some people love it (and even have the audacity to compare it to deus ex.) while others find it too slow, ponderous and boring. not the most obscure game out there but fairly unknown nowadays. looks pleasing to the eye thats for sure! its on gog.
  4. Two Worlds 1 Any game of the Sea Dogs series The Fall the last days of Gaia (im sorry for the music.. im not sure if this game isnt german only tho) ELEX (as usual for a PB game its very divisive.. at least in yankee territory )
  5. How about Republic - The Revolution,Space Station 13, Discworld Noir or Vietcong (the first one not the second one) ? Here are some trailers: Republic the Revolution Space Station 13 Discworld Noir Vietcong Republic the Revolution is a turn based management game where you have to overthrow a fictional soviet inspired dictatorship. Spacestation 13 probably is what an online tabletop pen and paper experience in space run by the 4chan community would look like. (its actually a whole lotta fun! not as bad as it sounds!) Discworld Noir is a film noir inspired adventure game kind of similiar perhaps to Grim Fandango and set in the discworld universe. "Pratchett consulted on the story and provided some of the dialogue, being credited for causing far too much interference." And Vietcong is a clunky, eastern european, pseudo realistic and very immersive military shooter. It has lots of foliage! or the guild 2... its an rpg(lite)/rts/management/sim mix. rather unique and some people are even making mods and running fan sites to this day! or Quest for Infamy. I havent played it but boy does it look interesting.. could be a possible hidden gem. maybe..
  6. Boiling Point Road to Hell I'd like to see a video for Boiling Point Road to Hell. I played it years ago when it came out and found it very compelling even if it frustrated me in equal measures. Looking back on the game now it seems like a mixture of Deus Ex and the Stalker series set in a fictional South American country to me. It had some nice quirks to it like developing an addiction to the medkits you would eventually have to use. You had to manually fill gas into your car. You had to eat and sleep. And you could become addicted to alcohol and illegal substances. There were also multiple factions to side with like the revolutionaries, the government, the C.I.A, the cartell, bandits and the native tribes. (and the civilians but they were not really a faction i suppose) It had a reputation system that meant if you chose a certain faction you could not go to certain places. I think you were hunted down if you entered any of the big cities if you were a communist revolutionary. The game had an open world with a day night cycle and random events and side quests and multiple ways to approach missions. You could upgrade your car, buy a new car, customize weapons and learn skills. You were able to break your legs if i recall correctly. The development studio behind Boiling Point also made the Xenus games and Precursor but these games look rather poorly (more so than Boiling Point..?) and even more "low budget" compared to Boiling Point. (probably?) sadly Boiling Point is now abandonware. It was released in a very buggy state and felt clunky. Thats all i remember really.. Oh and there is also a guy in a bar who talks about Nikola Tesla all the time.
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