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    I really did not expect to ever see a Pie in the Sky game ever again. Seeing that circulatory system hud element in the bottom right made me think "I've seen this before, somewhere, but it was a long and drawn out experience, and fairly unpleasant. Kind of like a medieval execution, but not as deadly." Then I saw the doubled-barreled shotgun firing one barrel at a time and the reload animation, and said "Oh, it's Pie in the Sky." That single neuron keeping my memory of that alive for that last 25 years was on life support after all those years of boxing, drinking, and mobile games. At the time it was interesting for the creative types - you could make an FPS without programming, and unlike with a doom mod, you could sell your creation as a standalone copy. But I think "selling" implies that someone would have to buy it, so that might have been misleading advertising. Anyway, I remember buying it in the mid-90's and making some stuff with it. I'm pretty sure all of that is gone now, and that's probably for the best.

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