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  1. xeres

    Schizm: The Mysterious Journey

    It's a Myst-like. You can switch between two protagonists on an alien world (which really, really does looks alien) who need to find out what happened to all the scientists. Backgrounds all seem to be pre-rendered, so 180° looking around only works in those places intended. They used real actors for intro/cutscenes.
  2. xeres

    Guard Duty

    It's a rather short point'n'click with surprisingly good voice acting. I think the first real puzzle in the town might be the hardest in the game. The rest follows naturally, no moon logic but also no big possibility space: Only a few locations or items are available at a time. The time travelling bits of the story feel tacked on, there isn't much exploration of the concept.
  3. xeres

    Elegy for a Dead World

    Don't buy this, it's a trap! You look at backgrounds and can write texts. Other people may read your texts. You are being sold the worlds worst text editor. Even if you are into creative writing, looking at random pictures on the internet and having notepad open is a superior experience. There are real gamey-games, there are interactive experiences (aka walking simulators), and then there is this wannabe power point presentation of an imitation of a game. I got this gifted and am still disappointed.
  4. xeres


    Adventure? It's a classic idle game: Spend energy to gain more energy. While the story bits are alright, it's best enjoined in the background with something else to do.
  5. xeres


    I had some trouble to run this on the correct monitor with the correct resolution, but switching to windowed and back to fullscreen worked. Aside from that, it's a great game - easy to learn, hard to master. This is as good as 3D and platforming will ever go together. After playing a bit, watch some speedrunner go trough it, for perspective.
  6. xeres

    Quern - Undying Thoughts

    I liked this one very much! It's a Myst-like, with an inventory. Puzzles are mostly fair and logical. The story raises some good questions about what a person can and would do given enough time - drugs is only one answer.
  7. xeres


    Das Buch von Veldoor (imgur) ...with all the art that seems to be missing from pdf/doc.
  8. xeres


    You should have said something Ross! Of course you don't get far if you haven't the book of Veldoor with you. I'm kidding of course, the damn thing mentions how to greet people, goes over animals and plants but is more world building than anything else. If the text isn't on the internet already, I guess scanning maybe OCRing wouldn't be much trouble. I'm glad I didn't miss much when getting stuck there with no clue what or when to buy something...

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