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  1. Ross, not sure if stores in your area carry it, but a good penetrating primer paint like BIN will seal mold and mildew inside of whatever you paint it on. Do two coats and call me in the morning. Just be sure you have really good ventilation or some really good breathing masks, since the fumes are really strong. Also, it adheres really well to everything, so put down lots of drop cloths that are waterproof (i.e. plastic). It sounds like a pain, but it seems like the only way to deal with it other than replacing everything. You may still need to get rid of cloth covered stuff like couches if those are badly affected. My suggestion is for desks and shelves and whatnot. It should work really well for the unsealed ends of panels of particle board, which is what a lot of shelves and desks are made from. Good luck!
  2. Getting more back on track, I'd love to see an update from Ross, even if it's a "We're still alive and healthy, making progress on a new place to live" kind of message. Ross, feel free to copy and paste that if it's what's happening. Hope things are working out for you!
  3. I know it doesn't allow voice recording, but a high quality paint mask would allow you to breathe for extended periods of time while using the computer and wearing glasses. https://www.amazon.com/3M-Paint-Project-Respirator-Large/dp/B0009F5KDS/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1524889344&sr=1-1&keywords=3m+air+mask+large I use one like this all the time, sometimes for hours at a time. Don't over tighten the straps, as it can make it press against the bridge of your nose and will get sore over time. The "organic vapor cartridges", which is the pair of filters on the sides of your face when wearing it, are pretty amazing. Don't be tempted by the cheaper, round pink filters... pretty useless against anything smaller than saw dust (which mold spores are). The one annoyance I have is that condensation inside the mask sometimes drips out... keep a towel on your lap, and don't lean over the keyboard too much. If you can find a pair of these locally at a hardware or painting supply store, you and your wife will at least be able to work and relax without the constant distraction of bad smells. I would also like to support the use of dehumidifiers, even if they are expensive to run. Mold hates being dry, and loves being moist. Best of luck!
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