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  1. P.S. Anyone who thinks Ukraine is too divided to be sustainable and is in anyway like Yugoslavia knows nothing about my country. There are only 2 sides: The Ukrainians and their supporters that are in the right, and the Nazbol Russian fascists seeking to destroy it yet again. Thankfully, the former is winning. I'd say more on the matter, but I basically said everything that needed to be in my first, massive reply.
  2. Donbass retard can't even spell "salo" correctly. This is why no one of value supports you secessionist pigs. There are no greedy hohols, only proud Ukrainians seeking to protect their great, ancient country and keep it intact from terrorists like you who have only kept Ukraine down and tried to take the money and run when the bell started to toll for you after EuroMaidan. Don't worry, Donbass will soon fall, as we got back more DNR and LNR territory recently, and we will get even more. Your cousin might be dead soon, and you definitely will when your filthy, fake Nazi secessionist shitholes are torn asunder. Glory to Ukraine, death to its enemies.
  3. Oh of course there are no fascists in Ukraine. Seriously, “there is no fascism in Ukraine” is almost a meme. Your most popular and omnipresent war chant is a calque of “Deutschland über alles”, what else do you need?.. Complete and utter bullshit. At the beginning of this civil war, 99% of people in LPR/DPR considered themselves Ukrainians and wanted to be part of Ukraine – just normal and sane Ukraine, not a fascist state where , , and Russian language – despite the fact that it is the mother tongue for 85-90 percent of said regions’ population – . Of course now, after four years of Ukrainian army spraying the residential quarters of Donetsk with Grads and Tochkas, the attitude has changed, but even now pretty much nobody in LPR/DPR is seriously planning or wishing to become part of Russia. The only thing these people want is to be left alone. Why in the world would they move anywhere? It’s their land where they were born and raised, land which was built up by their fathers and grandfathers. It does not cease to amaze me when people continue to say things like this in 2018. Do you even know that your government is so desperate to get some money from somewhere – anywhere – that it is planning to allow selling the Ukrainian soil?.. Oh, measuring others by your own opportunistic yardstick. Classic. I understand that it’s hard to imagine for someone whose “home is where the butt is warm”, but for some people there are more important things than a full stomach. Coming back to Crimea, we would have reunited with Russia even if it was that poor, unemployment-ridden state with “torn to pieces” economy which Western propaganda is desperately trying to portray. The fact that real-life Russia is a prospering, self-sufficient and safe country was just a nice bonus, not the reason. Yeah, everything is fine, nothing to worry about. This is totally not an armed gang who openly declares a genocide against “potato beetles”. People who are fighting for their lives are just some bunch of assholes. …who were seen by no one I mean seriously, “invisible Russian soldiers in Donbass” has long since become a meme. The next logical step for you is to mention the Crucified Boy. Oh my God, just what substance do you have in your cranium?.. Russia was an emasculated impotent ruin back then. Just how horribly brainwashed do you have to be to try and put on Russia some blame for one of the most outrageous examples of NATO aggression?.. Actually that’s a silly question. You’re being told 24/7 that everything bad is caused by Putin personally, of course it’s expected behavior. Go dismantle your gas calorifier, it has aggressive Putin’s gas inside. Oh, what a sweet wishful thinking Keep calm, Russia won’t be tempted to adopt a failed state like Ukraine even if tomorrow every Ukrainian politician starts vowing allegiance towards Russia, and every single Ukrainian citizen starts calling Russians his brethren. “There's also this theory that” Trump is planning to put Ukraine to one last use: sell it to Putin in exchange for something else, so that Russia will (yet again) have to spend its resources to restore it from ruins. Not gonna happen Oh yeah, Ukraine is so thoroughly united that in Kyiv there are almost monthly armed collisions between people because of one or another vexed question (the most recent one was yesterday because of the Victory Day), and western regions are toying with an idea of separation. I think what you wanted to say was, “in Russia where the government effectively stops the periodical attempts of the Foggy Bottom to slap together another flower revolution”. And unlike Ukraine, where , in Russia thorny issues are discussed with displeased populace on so-called Parliament hearings in online mode, which allows people reach mutual understanding with the government in an effective and civilized manner; one of the latest examples was the successful resolve of the problematic issue of Moscow Renovation. You have so much voice that TV channels are closed for as much as not showing enough respect to the “revolution of dignity”, and Ukrainians who dare to express their opinion in a blog are put to jail. (To put it into perspective, in Russia a whole bunch of libertards talk trash about Putin on central TV channels in prime time, and feel all right; and Vkontakte is choke full of Russophobic crap that nobody is punished for). Although I admit that it’s kinda hilarious to watch the feeble attempts to make another Maidan by the very same people who four years ago were saying “if they [the new government] won’t do good, we’ll throw them off just like their predecessors”. Looks like without Victoria Nuland’s cookies thou art an 0 without a figure, surprise-surprise! Typical Russian propaganda results - delusions of grandeur and quality when there's insurmountable evidence that Krym has gone to shit after being stolen. It is far from stable, and the fact that a bridge has been built along the Kerch Strait has just made it easier for the Ukrainian Army to get back Krasnador Krai, another piece of rightful Ukrainian land. If recent news is any indication, this will likely happen soon, courtesy of a joint effort between Ukraine and Turkey, at the very least, hehehe. There are no Nazi Ukrainian fascists, only Russian ones that deny the anti-Ukrainian genocide of Holodomor and the existence of the Black Hundreds to justify your own limp-wristed imperialism. You Mongol subhumans deserve extermination for what you've done to Ukraine and countless other countries. Also wrong; Donbass has wanted to be part of Russia for a long time, and if they didn't, they wouldn't have tried to secede. Despite being the economic hub for Ukraine ever since its independence, the Donbass pigs have deluded themselves into thinking that gives them license to be the hub of all crime in Ukraine as well, from human trafficking to theft of all shapes and sizes. Red Army veterans often had no choice but to die on the front lines so that Russians may live, as was the policy of Stalin. The OUN and the UPA are the real heroes of Ukraine, as they were the ones that tempted Nazi Germany to break the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that eventually led to the standoff at Stalingrad, and the Organization and Army were absolutely instrumental to Ukraine's independence and ethnic re-balance following Holodomor and centuries of deportation to Siberia and Kuban. Yes, you heard me: The OUN and UPA are the ones that beat Hitler and ended WWII. Don't talk about marginalization when the Ukrainian language was marginalized for centuries by the Russian Empire, especially by the aforementioned Black Hundreds, and during the times of the USSR, even as late as the 80's. Russians have never been oppressed in independent Ukraine, and neither was their language; that's just an idiotic Nazi Russian meme. You're just mad that we're trying to ensure we don't end up having our culture erode like Belarus. Besides, they should be speaking Ukrainian anyway, since that is the language of the independent, distinct country in which they live. You fool no one, swine. If they want to be left alone, they should surrender and beg for mercy for causing Ukraine so much harm for many years, possibly even decades if we're counting WW1. Because they're Russians and don't belong in Ukraine, and were only brought in to ethnically cleanse and weaken East Ukraine as part of the anti-Ukrainian genocide known as Holodomor. It is certainly not their land, especially since all the Don Cossacks died in 1921. They inherited property that was stolen from actual Ukrainians, and for this, deserve death, if not deportation. The Chornozem deal with China =/= selling of Ukrainian soil; it is a temporary lease, and not an entire selloff of any and all territory, rights, product, etc. More delusional Russian drivel. Of course a full stomach isn't important to you - as far as you're concerned, bread and vodka is a feast. We know how dilapidated Krym really is after it was stolen, and how fake the vote was. Your own delusions on the matter are irrelevant, as it will be returned to Ukraine. Speaking of delusions, your little tourist propaganda of Russia being anything more than a worthless Mongol shithole fall on deaf ears, as actual news sites and not Kremlin vomit like RT have demonstrated how much worse the country has become: Mass emigration, krokodil addiction, AIDS epidemics, a falling economy and dollar, retarded censorship to the point where Russians are actually moving to Ukraine in order to freely express themselves and make a living, and an increasingly restless public. In turn, Ukraine got back more of its rightful Donbass territory, its global influence has grown, its economy is steadily improving, and is slowly replacing Russia on the world stage. Hell, even STALKER 2 got announced. Enjoy the imminent CIS-zone collapse, we'll hand you your deportation papers in Perekop. The Right Sector is great, and are the real defenders of the people. The secessionists and their supporters are savages who know nothing about due process, hence the factual crucifixion, the death of their supposed fellow man based on unfounded allegations of being a drug dealer, and everything in between. We saw the Russian soldiers in Krym and Donbass, and there's nothing but evidence of their presence. Once again, your propaganda fools no one. Yet despite being in rightful ruin, they still decided to give weapons to Croatia and fan the flames of war. Try again. Yes, Putler is the source of all this strife. A world without him is a better one. Russia is already a failed state that is incapable of moving past its horrid Communist history, as has been proven by your midget dictator's actions. Trump can't sell something he doesn't own, especially since we rightfully got our Javelins to use against you faggots. No there aren't. The only fights are against Russian-loving subhumans like yourself, and West Ukraine is never going to secede, regardless of what Kremlin propaganda outlets like to delude you into blindly believing. A.k.a. Russia suppresses any protest going against Putler's regime, preventing any real change. Any sort of online website claiming to be for the people is pointless when online restrictions in that overgrown Muscovite shithole rival that of China, turning it into a public echo-chamber to be used for future FSB arrests, assassinations, etc. Wrong, Ukraine puts down actual enemies of the state who seek to sow the discontent from within. The jailed "bloggers" tried to create an official website for Donbass, something that would destroy Ukraine from the inside. No tears shed for rightfully arrested terrorists - that's justice at work. Everyone knows the "opposition" in Russia literally only exist to provide the guise of a democratic nation, when the fact of the matter is that they don't amount to anything due to the dictatorship the Kremlin Dwarf is running. Same with VKontakte. Don't worry, if another Maidan will be necessary, it will happen, and you will die in the process, katzap.
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