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  1. If it's just Steam's DRM then it's really easy to crack with a program called Steamless https://github.com/atom0s/Steamless
  2. I have a full copy of Test Drive 3: The Passion and the Road and Car (Cape Cod to Niagra) expansion with a few changes: 1. The copy protection is stripped so you can type anything at the code screen and it will let you play. 2. Installed the infinite lives cheat Ross was using. I also changed the message to say "ha ha" just like Ross's. 3. My EXE wasn't the same as Veyrdite's but using his guide a page back I figured out how to (mostly) disable the "Press F6 to return to the road" message. (it still pops up but only for a split second.) Download here and spread it around: http://www.mediafire.com/file/csjk62vvb9o59oi/Test%20Drive%203.rar Or https://mega.nz/#!2k0jyKyR!aAp5EUfV4OcDG027x1j4Uart608fiy3oydwnXExb4qI
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