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  1. I'd be fine with a 10GB version like the the crew episode. I always watch that version now because it looks so clean.
  2. Is this another episode where we can get a high quality download from? With the high speed of the game, makes the compression is quite noticeable.
  3. Released yesterday. http://www.accursedfarms.com/the-crew-extra-videos/ Oh sorry I didn't see that post yet. But if the video is already released why are you guys still talking about the compression?
  4. We aren't going to get that 10gb copy anytime soon, are we?
  5. I guess I'll just release the 10GB version, I can see the compression on parts in the 5GB copy. Even the 10GB probably has some minor loss, but I'm sure it's night and day compared to Youtube. I may host it elsewhere since things are going to be changing soon on the site. I'll release it and the green screen segment people wanted in a couple days and have a post here. Great, I can't wait!
  6. Well now that that drama is over can we get back to the more pressing issue. The release of less compressed version of this video! How about the 10GB or 5GB version Ross?
  7. Well, an "uncompressed" version would be about 533GB, so never, but I know what you mean. Really my main hold up is I don't know what filesize I should be aiming for. The copy I uploaded to Youtube was a little under 10GB. I normally don't compress the videos more than that, but that might be a bit big for people to want to grab. In handbrake, I did some tests, for those that are curious: RF level 24: 5.38GB RF level 26: 3.87GB RF level 28: 2.71GB RF level 30: 1.85GB I still have the losslessly compressed version on my drive at around 200GB, but I don't want to hang onto it forever. I guess some feedback on what quality level v. size it is people are looking for would be helpful. I wouldn't mind the 10 GB version to be honest. That is coming from someone who downloaded a 37 GB copy of the first star wars movie though. Here the thing: I think the people who care about smaller file size probably wouldn't go out of there way to download a internet video anyway. They can just watch it on youtube. The reason why you'd want to download it is to get the best quality version. Or at least it is for me. The video is almost 50 min anyway. I would also be happy with 5.38GB but I definitely wouldn't go with 1.85GB.
  8. Hey Ross. When are you going to upload uncompressed version if this video? Is it before June 14 or still going to be a while? I created an account here just to ask this, because I though It would be more likely for you to see it here.
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