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  2. kennethdio

    What do you guys think of 4chan?

    Well it's funny to think of them like that.
  3. Making something. Also if possible can someone make or tell me how to make a custom cheat where you lose health but not die?
  4. kennethdio

    Your Daily Dose of WTF

    Okay sure, while I have desensitized a lot and can now see live gore without getting too uneasy, this is tame and kind of WTF because it's surreal, I think it'll work for you guys. Have a nice sample. Entire damn channel. (It's all weird). https://www.youtube.com/user/PilotRedSun Also I found some neato music by him, you can use it for a drive, a strange quiet part of your life, or work.
  5. kennethdio

    What do you guys think of 4chan?

    After hearing a lot about 4chan, things they do, things they don't. Realistically I think they're just people doing things people don't normally do, or just post porn. But I like to think of them as basically a poor mans Illuminati. They form their own society (Kekistan) can create new trends, (milk is racism, end Fathers Day, Hitler did nothing wrong...etc). Oddly enough their idols and anthem are all related to kek and pepe and fit the description of 4chan accurately, kind of like their an ancient Egyptian, anarchist, prophecy.
  6. kennethdio

    Introduce Yourself!

    Name is Kenneth Dio (official first name), age: 14. I have seen Ross Scott all and around Youtube for a while but never got caught into Freeman's Mind. The first Ross video I actually watched was Carnevil Ross Game Dungeon, then I liked everything. Ross Scott is basically my role model, I live in California, United States, and things. My main interests are computer related, modeling, programming, mapping, and wasting time online. I'm not very good at all at any of them, I do draw pretty good though.
  7. I'm a guy who is very confused about how to map for that damn game because directions are all over the place, so I instead head to the games directory and load hammer.exe there. Program Files (x86) / Steam / steamapps/ common / garrysmod / bin / hammer.exe It works although objects and props don't appear at all, doesn't exist ingame. How? Why? What do I do? Also the props that are meant to be this type of property is set correctly. (EX. Prop that's supposed to be static is set static.)

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