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  1. Another one you may like is MDK(1997) and MDK2(2000). Both were third person shooters where you fight through enemies and complete puzzles. In MDK you play as Kurt Hectic, a janitor turned hero (sort of). You have a sniper on your face-mask that you mostly use as a machine gun on your hand. You get grenades, different sniper bullets, and even the fabled nuke-in-a-can. It's pretty gory with a splash of silliness here and there. MDK2 has you doing the same, but also with Max the four armed dog and Professor Fluke Hawkins. Max is more of the shoot everything character and Fluke has more puzzles. The second game is much more silly than the first, but still a good time.
  2. I've got 2 I think you should do: Battlezone (1998), basically a first person view of a real-time strategy game. It's got some base building, resource collection and army building. Not many like it for its time (or any time, really). There's also an expansion, a sequel, a remastered steam version for both, and a mod with a whole new campaign for the sequel. Mount and Blade (2008), a first/third person action RPG set in a medieval time period. You recruit an army from villagers to knights, man-at-arms, longbow men, etc. and try to conquer the land for your king (or yourself in Warband). There are multiple installments and modules, including complete overhauls to gameplay with mods. Both are really good games that have pretty unique styles of gameplay.
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