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  1. Well, guns are a problem in the USA, but I think that the mass shootings are not due only to that, but to a huge crap sandwich in the USA : lots of dismantled families (most school shooters come from single parent families), easy and encouraged access to psychoactive medicine, huge workloads without paid leaves, rampant alcohol and drug consumption, extreme violence shown everywhere (showing shootings, gang warfare etc on TVs is normal, but God forbid you show a nipple), school bullying, the extreme individualism, leading to emotional violence and isolation, of the society... do I keep going? Guns are part of the problem, and a significant one on top of that, but guns alone wouldn't create such issues ; I mean, when were the last school shootings in Switzerland, Austria or France? Anyways, I never believed in the whole "Trump's a Russian puppet" story, but it's still interesting to read things like https://tranio.com/articles/will-the-united-states-become-the-worlds-largest-offshore-financial-centre_5404/, according to which it's easy for Russians to invest in real estate in the US due to new bank data laws.
  2. I don't think we'll run out of oil that fast... we'll run out of clear water, fish and bees (which means a huge majority of crops) way before that, and it will be worse because you can't find alternatives to water like you'd find alternatives to oil.
  3. Meanwhile, my retarded self never, NEVER managed to make Kaiserreich work neither on Darkest Hour, nor on HoI III (I'm waiting for the next extension to be released to buy HoI IV) ; teach me your ways, O dark mages who managed to play that! I don't know what I'm doing, but whenever I try, I can play for a month, and at the first autosave, it just freezes for a couple seconds and boots me back to the desktop. Fuggg :DD
  4. Meanwhile, I got bored with the CoD franchise from Modern Warfare 2 onwards... I tried to play and like MW2 and the first Black Ops but hell if I could. But even now, after so many years, it warms a little bit my elistist cunt's heart to fire up Call of Duty 2 and go liberate Stalingrad or fight the Germans in North Africa again.
  5. 487 dead people? Man, that means Gordon Freeman by himself took down two entire companies of the US military. Rambo and other wimps can go back to playing Barbie, it seems... I should look at how an average play-through of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl goes in terms of kill count (counting only stalkers and zombies), just to compare who's the baddest bad motherfucker of them all.
  6. Nah, nothing beats the ass wiping one if you ask me. I still rewatch it sometimes, I should be ashamed...
  7. His state? Miraculous if you ask me lol. It reminds me of an old article by a doctor who was a fan of Tintin comics, counted the number of shocks, gunshot and knife wounds, blows on the head etc he received, and concluded that the character's looking like he's forever 18 because of that.
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