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  1. Can't forget being sniped, landing hard enough multiple times to give him arthritis by the time he is thirty, strangled so hard he puked his guts out, shot at by multiple helicopters, and if he gets to the updated games then he will also survive a nuclear explosion and a derailing train AT THE SAME TIME. Oh, and a major explosion where he only survives by being teleported by aliens which ends up with him being pinned under a ton of rubble. Or thrown through the sky towards a building in a rusted car which ends up crashing like three stories. Oh, and I forgot the discount Starship Trooper aliens he'll run into on the beach that pop-up like Whack-A-Moles. Jesus, I can't wait for some of these episodes.
  2. Heya everyone! This is kind of a shot in the dark but I might be able to find a couple of tech-wizards who can help me out on here, so I thought I'd try. I currently want to create a machinima involving the game 'Outlast' but I've been running into a few problems. I found a few config files that let me do a lot: change the walking and running speeds, change how much damage the enemies do, etc. But I haven't been able to change two main things: removing the in game music and getting rid of objective notifications. Now, the game doesn't have a separate music volume level in the options for whatever reason and while deleting all the .bnk files that have names like 'AsylumMusic1.bnk' does get rid of some of the soundtracks, it isn't able to get all the songs in the game nor the music when being chased. Deleting a 'general ambiance' file does get rid of all the music but also a lot of miscellaneous sounds, like the doors opening and closing or the ambient sounds as you are walking through levels. I'm also looking to get rid of the text that pops up when you hit a main checkpoint (Objective: Enter the asylum) but that isn't too big of a deal if I'm unable to get rid of it since that can be edited out pretty easily. The main thing I'm looking for a solution is definitely the music. So, if anyone can help me out or at least point me in the right direction, that'd be awesome! Thanks, and have a great day.
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