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  1. UQRAX

    Birthday thread: Soundtracks

    Venus Fly Trap (Amiga) https://youtu.be/1K0IW2tVasM Toki (Amiga) https://youtu.be/PmiqihtLsok
  2. UQRAX

    Birthday thread: Soundtracks

    There's some really good stuff in this thread. Allow me to post my suggestions: Some turn-based sweetness: and . Fantasy soundtrack from Mikhail "Lind Erebros" Kostylev, also known for the Evil Islands soundtrack which was already posted. . I think it's the only track that has vocals, but it's ok since it's in the mystical language of the elves. Someone once tried to convince me it was Russian. Golden Sun deserves some love The music in it really elevated the entire game. The Elemental Stars / Venus Lighthouse. Super Robot Wars Original Generation 1/2: I think this is from the Playstation 2 version. I only played the GBA version, so who knows. It's great. Land of Beginning/Dark Prison/So Near, in a World So Far/Marionette Messiah (The GBA take on the soundtrack is also better than it has any right to be. Kyosuke's Theme. / Main Theme. / Dark Knight / Masaki) Not turn-based but should be obscure enough unfortunately / / /

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