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  1. Bumping this. The clip of the actual outtake appears to be missing.
  2. Very micromanagementy. Figuring out what to purchase in the right order feels like a puzzle. Purchase the wrong stuff and you risk getting attacked and losing defences and villagers. A lot of waiting around doing nothing waiting for gold income too. After an hour or so I gave up.
  3. Played this just tonight. Bought this game for $3.50 on sale. Not even the visuals are worth the price, nor could they save this game, unfortunately. The views would be great if not for the miserable weather and poor lighting making everything bleak and the colours washed out. And, yeah, the story goes in bad directions which makes me feel like I've completely wasted my time and money on this, I hesitiate to call, game.
  4. I wouldn't say this is, by any means, one of the best video-games I've ever played, but it's certainly one of the best experiences I've had in my entire life. The story was told incredibly well, and full of mystery. You feel empathy for characters you don't even see in-game but are only told about through narration, flashback audio, and seeing the state of their bedrooms before they died. Very sad, very emotional, but very beautiful all the same. Absolutely required playing.
  5. Puzzles are great, just as intuitive as Portal's. Feels very rewarding when you get that "a-ha!" moment when you solve them and complete them. Plot is rather throwaway, with a tacked-on moral choice at the final moment. Unlike those above, I actually enjoyed the philosophy of self-awareness, A.I. rights, and (im)mortality
  6. Bought this after watching Ross's stream. Normally not a fan of rogue-likes, but this one is fast-pace, tense at times, and really fun. Unlike a lot of rogue-likes, you're rewarded when you die with coins to buy mutators, of which there are several. Each time you win you can stack more mutators, resulting in silly gameplay combinations.
  7. Doesn't have the same charm as the original five days, but still a great addition to the absurd, weird, but silly and funny gameplay of Postal 2. Fun fact: Postal 2 is illegal in New Zealand, where I live, and I'm risking a NZD$50,000 fine or 10 years imprisonment by simply owning it
  8. Bought this after seeing LGR's reviews of it, and it's a stupidly fun, hilarious arcade racer. Cannot recommend it enough for dumb fun.
  9. Played through about 3/4 of this. Mostly a walking simulator, but does require some puzzles to be solved. Definitely one of the best horrors out there. No jumpscares, or silly combat, or chase sequences, or monsters to avoid, just pure-and-simple tense, mysterious, creepy horror.
  10. Watched a let's play of this. Was expecting a far better twist, something similar to Twin Peaks or The X-Files, instead it was rather mundane and ended in a whimper. Glad I didn't waste my time nor money picking this one up.
  11. Bought this in the current (as of typing this) GOG sale because of Ross's rating. Can't say I'm a big fan. Several puzzles are unintuitive, and some mechanics are introduced poorly. The story is rather silly, though the voice-acting of the player-character is superb, they really put heart and effort into their performance. Level design is swing-and-miss. Some levels, especially the Lovecraftian ones, are gorgeous, though several of these levels, and others, can be unnecessarily large. "Combat" and chase sequences aren't all that tense and feel out of place. It feels like they were added just for the sake of having something tense/a "survival" aspect in a quasi-horror game. Conundrum, another first-person Lovecraftian horror, had no combat nor chase sequences, but was far scarier and more tense than this game. A somewhat competent first-person puzzler, I don't think it's as good as Q.U.B.E., and certainly not in the same league as Portal. Had more frustrating moments than enjoyable moments, but overall felt rather neutral/lackluster over it. Was a good time-waster, but can't see myself playing ever again.
  12. The Director's Cut also removes one infamously difficult puzzle before the end of the game. Whilst the game's lackluster plot wasn't necessary, I'd still prefer it over a stupidly difficult puzzle which would have worsened my opinion over the game.
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