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  1. At this point ,I'm still really not that interested in the whole "dead games" battle going on. Mostly because it has not hit a game I really enjoy and miss. Although I will say this: After being informed about the current trend and status of the practice of killing games as well as reading what Ross is trying to do about it ,AND seeing the responses he got from a couple of "law students"(I doubt it's JUST in my opinion) it really got my blood boiling to say the least. I fear this whole issue is rooted sooo deeply in politics, government, global corporations and world monopoly that we would like to believe. What I'm saying here is ,this ISN'T just about games. It may start out from that ,but I truly hope that this movement that Ross is trying to create will spark a revolution in how we let the majority set the rules of the entire population. P.S.: Internally I actually broke my ass laughing at how these so called "lawyers" on YouTube tried to debunk Scott's arguments with written laws that are inherently immoral when it comes to such practices as destroying games. Just because someone isn't making enough money from their precious product. So yeah I sincerely hope that the - "F you society. Shut the hell up and do what you're told ,because we know what's best for you" mentality can actually be broken ,burned and reformed as to actually benefit all sane minded humans on this planet.... although I'm quite pessimistic about that...
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