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    E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy I'm not a great writer and it's such a strange game that nothing I write will be able to do it justice, so I apologize in advance. it's a FPSRPG that takes the Source engine to its limits, where you play as an amnesiac warrior monk who's part of a vast organization trying to overthrow the space government and end the invasion of strange beasts from some hellish dimension that was opened by accident about 3 centuries in the past. It's a sequel to an old half life mod called Syndicate Black Ops where you play as a bunch of pitbull throwing trenchcoat enthusiasts hired by a local megacororation to deal with the aforementioned hellbeasts. It's known for its completely bonkers storyline that requires multiple playthroughs to understand and is best understood after reading all the lore on the old syndicate blackops site, great art direction fantastic music, hilariously rude dialog, complete lack of polish, and addicting gameplay. It was developed by a team small enough that a significant portion of the game's credits (a scroll on an altar in the last room) credit people by username. tldr a bunch of french guys did datura and made a source game full of stuff they thought was cool and it's legitimately one of the best games ever made. I've rewritten all this about three times and it still sucks at actually explaining E.Y.E, so have a video instead.

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