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    @Bambz Thanks for saving me money. rubberbanding is no buy from me.
  2. Rekkn_


    Also available on gog for those interested.
  3. Rekkn_


    Super fun game and would recommend. I do want to point out that after the credits roll there is nothing. If you load up your finished save file it just rolls the credits again.
  4. Barebones in every way.
  5. ? 'Notice: At the request of the publisher, Space Hulk: Deathwing is no longer available for sale on Steam.' ?
  6. Free to play: Yes Ideal game for a playsession with fans.
  7. It's that kind of game you start playing and before you know it it's morning. You don't die in one hit (you can if you want to though and get rewarded for it as well)! Lots of recover mechanics and things to unlock to help you overcome hard sections and new difficulties. Is grindy, how much partially depends on your own skill.
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