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  1. I played this one for a bit and I'm not sure how good or bad is it. First, I have no problem with keyboard aiming. You can use the mouse but you have to lock the y axis so you don't move forward and backwards while aiming, and you can't strafe while looking horizontally. The game does feel kind of good, the enemies take the right amount of damage and the weapons are okay. The problem is the level design. Like every shooter of that period, every portion of the map is a maze. They can look different, but there are too many mazes here. It has the classic "find the colored key and open this and that" but you have to find those all around the map and it gets tedious. On the positive side, the environments are gorgeous for the most part, and you can go around freely.
  2. Although I have never played Ziggurat, I would recommend Immortal Redneck, which is a game in the same genre (and from what you say uses the exact same formula) but where the protagonist is a redneck. That would also tie up with the game Ross reviewed for moon gaming, although the character is not really interesting. It has inspiration from Serious Sam also.
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