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  1. Actually it's worse. Worse than you can imagine. They once decided to bombard a city for a full 24 hours with 50,000 massive artillery guns firing nonstop. The amount of ammo needed took up more space than the rocky mountains do. It took them more than a year just to transport all the ammunition to the planet. Not to mention all the spare parts and barrels needed to keep the guns functioning for the full 24 hours. Entire regiments of soldiers reassigned just to carry stuff all day because there were not enough vehicles to get the job done. Then once they started firing the solders had to go underground in bunkers they built in preparations for the event. The endless sound and resulting shockwaves not only deafened them but threatened to tear the soldiers completely apart. The punchline is that the city was so heavily shielded that the bombardment didn't really do anything, making the whole thing a pointless waste of time and money. No they get bullets. I think the standard guardsmen is expected to carry 3 battery packs for their flashlight lasgun. Thats a couple hundred shots. Many of them do break this rule and bring as much ammo as they can get their hands on. Its just that the other guy just has a frankly stupid amount of people.
  2. I don't think that's true... but it is backed by Breath of the Wild. And Katanas are known to be very easy to bend... hmm... But also factor in that the average 40k guardsman will either immediately break and die... or never break. They also aren't the ones who normally get to use the swords thou. If you're a lady then you can probably get a sword. Not a lady guardsman. That's different. But they should all be using spears. Spears are really good weapons.
  3. Um, actually... In Warhammer 40k they also use swords because swords don't run out of ammo. When fighting Tyranids, Orks, Chaos, or pretty much anything, there's a good chance that they have more people than you have bullets. And yes you can run out of bullets with a laser gun. The Chernobyl show also brought this strategy was brought up. Two men with guns vs over 100 miners. Miners only have melee weapons, but they'd totally win. Not enough bullets. You still kinda gotta be all kinds of crazy and/or desperate to use a sword in a gunfight though.
  4. Simple clean, but a bit basic. https://cdn.webampskins.org/screenshots/030de6b519a6705ea2cc5f5985c73c6a.png nonstep_grey
  5. Hello traveler, the link disappeared for some reason. So here you go! https://store.steampowered.com/app/674170/DriftForce/
  6. Got this for 10$ on sale. Good thing too as I am refunding it. Crashes all the time, and the bike customization (visually) is poor. Gameplay is fine, with decent ragdolling. This is ruined by not being able to change the color of my bike or rider. It also appears to be really grindy with the money needed to unlocking new bikes and whatnot.
  7. Its... good. I like it, but at the end of the day, the only reason to even look at this one is the 40k license.
  8. Single player is locked to a single class/weapons Multiplayer you can pick any class, weapons, and loadout. Don't know if you can brute force the multiplayer content into the singleplayer/solo stuff.
  9. This is a pretty good Arcade Beat-em-up, with lots of branching paths and levels. There's also a good amount of characters to pick from too, and they all are surprisingly unique too. Chronicles of Mystaria is a sequel to Tower of Doom. You get both games from that Steam link, and both are based on DnD 2nd edition. The characters and monsters all follow the same rules from the tabletop game, which is fun. Playing online with randoms can be annoying as a lot of them are Experts/Powergamers that expect you to do certain things.
  10. Its just one table. But it might just be the single greatest table ever made. And the music is great. Sound effects are the stuff of legends. If you like pinball, you gotta try this table.
  11. Fight Knight The type of game Ross was trying to describe at around the 1:12 mark At least before he brought up Quarantine.
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