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  1. Slug_Man

    Surviving Mars

    You try to build and sustain a Mars Colony. It’s a rogue like in that failure is permanent (although you can reload your game) and the terrain is different with every new playthrough. It’s pretty hard and without planning ahead it’s easy to fail - your air systems and electrical grids will fail and all your colonists will die if you don’t have a steady supply of raw materials.
  2. Slug_Man

    Generation Zero

    A semi-open world FPS with a strong narrative. You collect loot (ammo + weapons) to take on robots. There seem to be few scripted events, the player(s) only try to find out what is going on while progressing through the island. There are issues: it’s very hard to play solo but difficult to join a multiplayer party. In a party, progress is usually different and the players who join might spawn far away.
  3. Slug_Man

    Yuppie Psycho

    To quote Rock Paper Shotgun; “anime-inspired survival horror, with a surreal edge and a bit of dark humour.”
  4. Slug_Man

    We. The Revolution

    This is a mixture of RTS, courtroom battles and a bunch of other stuff, set during the French Revolution. You play as a judge who decides who lives and who dies. If you go against what different groups want (the public, the aristocracy and your family) think, you will become less popular. Apparently the courtroom battles are short and could be better. I like how they’ve mixed several different play styles.
  5. Slug_Man


    The way you mentioned not filling up the car before hitting the road because it’s too much work made me think of how oil companies, when they find natural gas reserves they just burn it up because it’s too expensive to set up equipment to transport natural gas pipelines.

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