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  1. I'm late, I know, but I didn't see this soundtrack mentioned here, and it should be Now Ross, this might be qualified as torture. Not only is this Youtube, by the video description, "The music was extracted from RES/R1.RES at 22050hz 8-bit mono". And I don't usually trust Youtube comments too much, but this one seems informative: "The music of Sim Isle was intended to be high quality RedBook CD Audio. The music was composed by Harry Holmwood, and recorded on 48khz 16 bit Stereo DAT tapes. For players who couldn't do a full install of the game (over 300 MB, which was fairly big by 1995 standards), a compressed version of the music in 22khz 8 bit Mono was created and stored among the game data, but somewhere in development the original DAT tapes were lost and the low quality mono version was used as the CD track instead." So what you will listen on Youtube is very close to what you hear when playing the actual game. I know because I spent a few hundred hours playing it. I enjoy this soundtrack, a lot of this liking is due to nostalgia, but I'm also the musical equivalent of a greasy spoon regular: pops and clicks are not a big issue for me, and i think compression artifacts can be charming. And going by your videos Ross, this soundtrack might be too greasy for your taste.
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