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    PARASITE EVE for a future Christmas episode. In Captain Zzap, Ross said he was running out of Christmas games he feels like talking about, and every year since then I've suggested Parasite Eve in the comments, but they usually get buried so I don't think he's noticed. Ross, I know you really only do PC games on the Game Dungeon, but you might want to make an exception for this one. It's far and away the best Christmas game ever, and it honestly seems like the kind of thing you'd like a lot. It's got great atmosphere, hilariously incorrect soft science, mutating animals inspired by The Thing, unique RPG hybrid gameplay, people exploding into orange goop like in End of Evangelion, shotguns, kickass music; basically everything you could possibly want for Christmas. Seriously, listen to this shit. This is the map screen music for fuck's sake. Hell, if you're interested in covering it sometime, I'd straight-up donate a physical copy of the game just so you can emulate it legally. It's totally worth it. LOOK AT THE FIRST ENEMY. LOOK HOW RAD THIS SHIT IS. THIS IS THE GOOMBA OF THIS GAME. AWESOME

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