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  1. Hey Ross, love your work been watching it for years and even got my girlfriend into your videos. I made an account just to send this suggestion siege of avalon, it's an isometric medieval fantasy abandoned ware title from 2000 that takes inspiration from baldurs gate and diablo though the gameplay was kinda boring (LOTS of go back and forth, back and forth) the story, setting and interface really stuck with me for years and I would love to see you do a video on it. here's the link that I used to download the game and I can confirm it works and hasn't blown up my computer https://www.myabandonware.com/game/siege-of-avalon-bfl be warned though, I think this is one of those games that isn't compatible with newer OS's. the frame rate can be painfully slow and I don't have any sound or music (shame because I rather liked the soundtrack) edit: played it again and for some reason the music and sound is working now . but I still can't see the opening cinematic (not missing much with that but still)
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