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  1. Just cuz Fantastic Beasts sucks doesn't mean you can't answer that question satisfactorily, it's not impossible.
  2. That game is so much fun, I don't even care that it's repetitive. Also game made me fall in love with synthwave. Fixions' soundtrack is really good.
  3. I kind of ruined extremely powerful "good" secret societies in fiction for me. Because every time I imagine them giving me their schpiel, I only got one question that none can answer satisfactorily: If you're the good guys, why didn't you stop the holocaust? That goes for more than just secret societies tho. There's a transformers movie where they show them fighting in ww2 which also begs that question. No human weapon can stop them, so why didn't they just put an end to industrialized mass death? It's a straightforward question that sadly will remain unanswered forever it seems.
  4. Ok after having seen this video like a billion times(I use videos I know and like as sleep aid), I have a theory about the whole James Bones "joke". Get ready, this is what 4 years of french class in school have amounted to: If you slur your words a bit, "James Bones" sounds like the french word "jambon", meaning ham. I don't know how that's supposed to be funny either, but I thought I'd drop this thought here and maybe someone else can work with this.
  5. Tbh I don't listen to most monthly chats so I'm not up on his private life.
  6. Title says it all. Though I haven't been active on the forums, I've been a viewer since the blogspot site days. I was listening to the Jan 2021 videochat and Ross said he hasn't taken time off of working on videos and the movie for 8 years. That's terrifying! But that wasn't what made me mad. What made me mad was the mention of somebody suggesting Ross take time off on plebbit, and it getting voted down. With that I wanna call out to Ross: Don't listen to redditors, please! They're not good people in general. Every real mfer who's been following you for a long time will agree with me in saying that it's ok for you to take time off to chill and not work yourself to death. You've been working like a damn horse since the very beginning, through the dark days of jobbing for Machinima and into the "indy" YouTube career! Don't kill yourself by working and make time for some R&R. Human beings need vacation time.
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