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  1. Early access hit a little while ago, definitely has the potential to be a really great Quake throwback. For those who don't know, this is a game running on the Quake 1 engine, made by the former Quake modders responsible for the awesome Arcane Dimensions. The best way I can describe this game, from the levels I've played thus far, is it's a game made by people who both love Quake 1, but also want to improve the formula. Combat is a lot less stiff, enemies aren't quite as bullet spongy as they were in Quake, and the combat feels a lot more gory and visceral. Also, these levels are fantastic, with a lot of detail placed in the old engine. There is so much artistic craft placed in the levels that this game, along with the mod Arcane Dimensions, serve as good examples of how a 20 year old engine can still look gorgeous. Definitely worth a look if you're into the old school FPS genre.
  2. A bit of an interesting game, kind of GSC's first venture into genuine sci-fi. You can definitely see some of the precursors to STALKER laid down here, with large open levels, atmospheric scenery, not to mention the fact that the premise is very similar to Roadside Picnic. I don't remember much of the story, but BY GOD do I remember this game's atmosphere. Sort of like STALKER with aliens. The game is a little odd as it's squad-based, with you being able to switch between your team members on the fly. I remember the controls and gameplay holding up surprisingly well, if a little bit clunky (it was a Ukrainian game from '01, what do you expect?). I remember being able to get this game up an running in widescreen, unfortunately there were quite a few texture bugs that kept it from being immersive. This is definitely a game I'll try to revisit at some point.
  3. Definitely a "love/hate" game for me. Has such a fun mad max punk style to it, with over-the-top characters, an awesome rock soundtrack, it just oozes that punk rock post apocalyptic aesthetic that I know Ross would enjoy. Not to mention the fact that it seamlessly combines vehicle and on-foot sections, with you being able to embark or disembark your vehicle at any time. Unfortunately, last time I checked, this game has no optimization, and is frame-capped to 30 FPS. The controls are a little clunky, but it is playable. All this game needs is a an uncapped frame rate, maybe some widescreen optimization, and it could genuinely be a classic.
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