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  1. I really would like Ross to do a Game Dungeon episode on this one.
  2. I enjoyed Firewatch myself, played through the story in one afternoon, as it kept me engaged. While I thought the ultimate result of the mystery was somewhat of a letdown, I think it was a good story. The atmosphere is excellent, and I do enjoy exploring the area every now and then. But I can see why Ross didn't enjoy it, I respect that.
  3. This is a classic, and a classic that has been revived for modern systems at that! Although, as counter intuitive as this may sound, I actually recommend playing at least some of the sequel (Battlezone: Combat Commander) first, as that game is actually a bit more user friendly than this one. I would love to see Ross do a game dungeon on this someday though!
  4. I've played this. Aside from a stupid install bug involving PhysX, it's really not a very good game. The most satisfying weapon is the oldest (.45 Cal Winchester lever action rifle), despite being set in an alternate 1956 where the Axis won the war in Europe. Graphics and such are not very good for the time. I kind of had fun with the special take down moves, but that's about it. Honestly you should skip this one Ross......
  5. I doubt it honestly. It's really off the beaten path, and To get to the Vort, you have to make a dash through a radioactive sewer tunnel, and knowing Ross's Freeman Character, he would never take such a risk.
  6. This is pretty cool. I've found a few games I've played on here, and I'm very happy to see Battlezone 98 Redux, I hope Ross considers its sequel as well!
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