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  1. Slow and atmospheric, good stuff.
  2. Good one. Finding myself getting back to again and again.
  3. Too much tedious micromanagement. If you like it - you like it. Of not, then better check Per Aspera or Surviving Mars
  4. Not excellent, not terrible. Good one. Worth a try.
  5. Strange one. Interesting ideas, poor implementation. Didn't worth my time, i spent on it.
  6. Very basic Korean clone of first StarCraft. Interesting design, but zero original ideas. Still played it for some time just because of cool unit design.
  7. This is just a hell of digital drug. Stay away from it, or you will find yourself playing at 5 am.
  8. Good one. Just action/shooting mechanic is poorly executed, fills almost forced, but thankfully it's not the main focus of the game.
  9. It's ok game. The less you expect, the better you feel about it.
  10. Interesting steam-punk setting, simple crafting, cool design, ok-gameplay feel, interesting playing loop. Better to play with friends.
  11. Wary simple, almost barebones diablo gameplay, more action, less almost to zero RPG. Still fun to play tho.
  12. Not a fun of this genre, but that one really got me. 100% worth playing for everyone.
  13. Spend about 2 hours, trying to fix "everything is red" graphic bug. Found out in the end, it was just light of close red star, and everything is blue in another system.
  14. khabs


    Good one. Consume the flesh.
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