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  1. Oh man, Thanks for the warning, I was eyeing the series for awhile.
  2. Damn, I loved this game! Very reminiscent of Starsector, I can't rightly remember which is older. It was really hard. You get used to cheesing in the RTS, just as long as you can survive the initial waves and get your economy going. The text adventure games were really cheeseable too. It's a single game with the most games-within-a-game mechanics!
  3. I am a Slav, so I can attest to that XD I have a non-slavic gf, she is constantly amazed at our apparent love for Turn-based strategies. Oh, Pathologic I remember just stumbling upon it and just KNOWING I had to have it. Didn't even see the gameplay, but the box screamed out to me, I had to own it. I didn't buy it in the end
  4. Hello everyone! I just joined, and I thought I'd contribute to this section! I've seen there's an obscure game section, I had to share this with the world, since I remember playing this game. For the longest time, I wasn't able to find almost anything as I trawled the internet thinking more and more I was insane. I KNEW I'D PLAYED IT, YOU DON'T DREAM OF THINGS SUCH AS THESE! Later it turned out it wasn't the case. Necromania: Trap of Darkness actually existed, it exists still. The MUSIC is hat stuck with me the most, actually. PREMISE Necromania's a weird game. It's a weird action game, you choose between seven characters who are pitted against each other fighting for artifacts, to assemble a key, the one who assembles a key and gets through the gate wins the game. PLOT Dark lord Ragnar and the ruler of Necromania was defeated and imprisoned by the army of the Absurdian king Bill Cocoton. Seven of his servants wake up and go to find magic keys that can set him free. But only one of them can lead the army of darkness. FEATURES Seven unique minions of Ragnar to choose from; each equipped with deadly traps and unique powers; Players improve the skills of their hero as they complete levels and gain experience; Multiplayer mode brings new tactical options for players in fierce fights against 2-7 players over LAN or Internet; Players lay traps and take advantage of the terrain (labyrinths) to achieve victory against numerous opponents and vermin that populate every level; A powerful AI, diverse maps with random item spawning and combinations of dark competitors ensure long hours of diverse gameplay; Players race to collect power boosts that increase combat abilities or temporarily grant powers to aid them in collecting the three pieces of the skull key; Necromania isn't a good game by any stretch, but it's worth remembering and experiencing, especially if you can get a few friends for some savage PVP. There are some gameplay videos to be found on YT, but they are mostly in Russian.
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