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  1. Hey, big fan of the game dungeon series and I would like to post my recommendations for possible consideration. "Two worlds" - It's a broken game from my experience, but I found it entertaining from my limited play through. "Thief series" - Old game series, but I found them to be enjoyable for the most part. "Mount and Blade" - Old favorite of mine, mainly for the reason of dominating small bandit parties with an overwhelming force of soldiers. "Dark Messiah of Might and Magic" - Don't actually know much about this title just yet, but from what I've read on Steam it might be a good addition to the game dungeon series. "Serious Sam collection" - A old favorite of mine that is just mindless violence. Turn off your brain, listen to some metal, and kill demon alien things for no reason other than to just kill. "Evil Genius" - Management game set in the 1970's, and the best part is that you get to rule the world. "Postal series" - I don't think I need to mention why. "Baldur's Gate" - This actual just seems like it would fit the along with the content that is already on the game dungeon. I have one more game but it's very iffy to me on if it should be a recommendation for the game dungeon. It's called Agony, and it has an unrated version. I figured that it would be an interesting pick, but I don't actually know if it would be good to put on the game dungeon. All the games listed above we're found on Steam. Thanks, keep up the good work!
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