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  1. i have played this game all the way though with my freind. If you are looking for a dark souls style game but with much more simplified RPG mechanics, then this is the game for you. When playing, you can only upgrade your stats by equipping new armor, and upgrading your weapons. you also have four runes that give passive bonuses, and a single artifact you can equip to give you some kind of gameplay changing buff. like if you dont get hit for 50 seconds, the next hit you take does significantly less damage, or you deal more damage if you attack five times in a row without being hit, etc. my only complaints are that the game itself seems rather small. unlike dark souls, there are no big side areas you can explore. My other complaint is the multiplayer. playing with a freind is a blast and on a gameplay aspect its as good as it could be. my issue is how you can even join with a freind in the first place, as you both need to be at the same point in the story and standing in the same relative area to join. there is no invite system of any kind, just a tag filter you can use. aside from those complaints, it is still a great game.
  2. I have played this game. and i can tell you with complete sincerity that it is one of if not the top game of 2019 for me. But i must warn you, do not look up a walkthrough or playthrough of this game unless you absolutely have to. You advance in this game not by collecting items or upgrades, but by collecting knowledge. there is nothing stopping you from beating the game before the first cycle. you just dont know how. to give an example, there is the planet giant's deep. an ocean covered planet with perpetual cyclones and a current under the surface preventing anything from getting too deep. there is a simple trick to get underneath, but you discover that trick on another planet trying to do a different objective. this game has an amazing soundtrack, dynamic worlds, good writing, and a simple art style. i cannot recommend it enough. Also i dont know why it is still classified as early access since the game seems to be finished from what i've seen.
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