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  1. A textbook example of graphics over gameplay. Awesome soundtrack too, but horrendously boring to play.
  2. MDMaster


    Z is an alright 2d strategy game in the vein of Red Alert but with a slight humoristic vein and the idea of "controlled zones" that you have to manage on the map, so it's kind of a hybrid between a RTS and Rampart. It's mostly for RTS die hards.
  3. I tried it based on some recommendations, but never clicked with me. Boring plotline, shallow characters, obtuse as hell puzzles. I played it for three hours then gave up.
  4. I was never one to be bothered by storyline that push an agenda of some kind, but here the "empowered feminism" message is REALLY drilled into the player's head. Basically the only heterosexual character is the bad guy, all the other good females are lesbians. That's the whole gist of it and is a whole bunch of stupid, and this is coming from a bisexual person. Still, if you push past the stupid plot, the game is pretty fun, a metroidvania with good controls and fun upgrades.
  5. It's an okay take on the metroidvania formula, with its own weird "wave enemies" kind of idea which almost make it seem like a hell bullet shoot 'em up at times. Plot could have been better.
  6. I liked it a lot, taking the narrative full center was a pretty good choice and the actors manage to actually portray real characters even though you never see faces or actual models.
  7. Some moments were awesome but the core of the game is pretty much shallow and boring, subpar platform/stealth action with really nothing much behind the "horror" moniker.
  8. It's a weird game that was actually inspired by real events (yeah, playing the game is hard to imagine that) and that could have been really good with some more interesting levels. Still it's okay as a kind of depressing post apocalyptic take on Limbo-like gameplay.
  9. Music felt like a mismatch? Oh no Ross, come on! You're the only guy I know that actually bothers to review games' soundtracks and Christopher Larkin did a great job on this! It sure does get pretty hard towards the end and the DLC are crazy hard. (as a side note, Ross listen to the "Nightmare King" boss fight music, it's awesome)
  10. Heartily recommended, one of the best walking sim I ever tried. Great atmosphere, creative "levels" and a story that manages to always stay interesting.
  11. I really wish I could recommend this, but I don't. It's, again, one of those "craft your own solutions" kind of adventure/action games by the original Alone int he Dark creator, with a really dark storyline and some creative levels. Still the pc version is buggy as hell, I never managed to complete it even though I restarted a whole level four times, it just kept on crashing just before the end. Dont' waste your time or maybe try the ps4 version if you really have to.
  12. Jacob Janerka, the creator, is a crazy guy and it really shows in the game. It's a homage to classical adventure games with its own brand of silliness: many laughs, some obtuse puzzles and, all in all, a good time. Aw yiss.
  13. Uhmmm... pretty similar to Layers of Fear, in that it's a cyberpunkish "haunted house" kind of deal, with the late Rutger Hauer doing his best with some dodgy writing. It's... alright? It has its moments for sure, but I can't say I recommend it to those looking for a coherent experience.
  14. Pretty much an upgraded and updated Robotron 2084, it's a twin stick shooter that never lets up the carnage and manages to get brutally difficult pretty soon. Still you get 99 continues even at standard difficulty so you can try and try again. Good soundtrack, nice graphics. A good time.
  15. One of the very rare instances of a good game out of a bad movie. done by the guys at WayForward, it's a pretty solid take on the metroidvania genre, while not memorable by any stretch of the imagination, it's a fun romp.
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