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  1. Neat little game but I wouldn't put it on the top of the list of RPGs to play. Its a light little RPG. Combat is easily broken, you will become overpowered very quickly. Only died to a boss which I didnt understand the pattern of adn tried to beat up directly. Story isnt that special and most quests are rather simple. There is some backtracking if you want the full experience. There are movement speed potions, but you can only buy a few of them lategame, unless you join a guild. There are 3 guilds and you may only join one of them. Overal though its a neat relaxing RPG. If you like doing some simple questing in a pretty world (artwise) its a decent game. Had a lot of issues with the ending though.
  2. Super tense if you play online. Constantly switching buildings and trying to figure out what is the most valuable resource. Only the ending can feel a bit anticlimatic as you are both just trying to make money quickly and and suddenly you die because he bought you out. Or you manage to get it and in one click he's gone. You can also buy extra's from hte menu in the bottom right. These feel a bit broken. Every time one is bought it raises its price. But some are nobrainers at the low price point. Like getting an extra claim. As a result at the start of the game you and your opponent both hammer the button to buy it as soon as it unlocks. Same with goonsquad, its too good. And its not like you have to use it immediately, you can just keep it.
  3. First level is really fun as its all small corridors and the fighting feels awesome. Nothing better than beating up one guy, then picking in a chair and throwing it at the next guy. Like some kind of bar room fight. Later levels have open areas with a bunch of gunwielding guys and enemies that do damage if you dont use a melee weapon (limited durability) against them. First level (or maybe 1 and 2) is like hotline miami. Later levels are like hotline miami 2.
  4. I've played it and it's agressively mediocre. Every building has an upkeep in gold, gold is gained from having population not being assigned to resource gathering. As a result half of your population is tied up supporting the upkeep of the buildings, creating a very slow buildup. You can use upgrades and goldmines to smoothen it out, but its still very slow. I played through 90% of the campaign (got stukc on a mission where you cannot kill more than 25 enemies). You have no idea how strong your soldiers are, you cannot control them directly, they retreat way too late meaning you can waste your high level heroes if you attack too early. So all I did was build up a super economy for 30 minutes, then make a bunch of max upgrades heroes, and then throw them at the enemy. Which isnt that fun. Whats really cool though is that you can turn an island in a mobile fortress using a portal to connect it to your base and then putting towers on it. You can then use magic to move it around.
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