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  1. I really enjoyed the episode. I like the fact that even around friends that won't hurt him, he's constantly on a hair trigger and afraid of when he'll be attacked next. His reactions to Dog in particular I thought were pretty damn funny, and I loved the idea to make the gravity gun very unwieldy, it will lead to some interesting changes for sure. I look forward to seeing how Gordon will react to Ravenholm.
  2. This game is actually pretty good. The atmosphere is really damn intense, and I can only play it for short bursts of time before I chicken out and turn it off. I adore horror games, but something about this one just freaks me the hell out. I think it's a combination of the archaic graphics and the excellent sound design, I'm always thinking there's something behind me, only to turn around and see nothing. I know games that have a lot of Youtube Reactionaries playing it tend to turn a lot of people away from them, but this one is actually worth your time.
  3. Deadly Premonition is a great game to watch. Find someone doing a 100% play through on Youtube, and watch that instead of playing it. The story, quirky characters, and setting definitely make it worth checking out, but the whole GAME part of it is really bad, like REALLY bad.
  4. I'm eager to see those levels as well. Since there's a lot less action going on, we'll actually have time to hear his thoughts on the Earth's present situation, among other things.
  5. Holy crap man, YEARS ago I watched a guy named Spoony play through this entire game, and watching your Game Dungeon on it just brings back a lot of memories of it. I might go ahead and watch his entire playthrough again after this. It's funny how Trevor is treated differently - you see him as annoying, but in Spoony's playthrough he was pretty much everyone's favorite character. In fact, Excellent episode overall. I look forward to the follow up episode sometime after the Christmas episode!
  6. Haha, holy crap, if you didn't enjoy it that much, why'd you even play it all the way through to the end? Also, might want to cut out all of the spoilers from your post, since you kind of spoil almost the entire story. Edit: One last thing too,
  7. I didn't even know this was coming out until I came across it on this list. I freaking LOVED Until Dawn, so I figured this would be right up my alley. It was honestly just okay. Maybe it's better with friends doing the multiplayer mode they added, but as a single player experience it's just not super great. The story this time around isn't as fun or crazy as Until Dawn, and it's much shorter as well. Additionally, the animations in general are a lot less polished this time around, and some of the facial animations are damn scary. The characters in this game don't really have much personality beyond what is shown within the first twenty minutes or so, and they stay static for the entire duration. I didn't find them to be offensive or anything, and I liked them all well enough, but by the end (assuming your character makes it), they've not really changed much despite what they've experienced. Also, they make some immensely idiotic decisions at times, especially by the end of the game when they learn about what's truly going on. Lastly, getting everyone to survive is pretty damn easy. It was easy in Until Dawn too, but at least in that one there were eight characters, and I didn't beat the game without a few deaths. Overall, if you like these kind of games, where you get to make choices and basically watch it like a movie, then you'll probably enjoy this too. Otherwise, just avoid it.
  8. I very occasionally play this with a group of friends. It's a really cool idea, you get a space ship, you're each assigned a role (Engineer, Pilot, Scientist, etc), and then you go complete quests, explore other planets, and get into space battles. That's ALL it is though, a cool idea. The gameplay is still very rough, and very shallow even though it has been in early access for YEARS now, and despite being available on steam since 2014, it's still nowhere near finished. You can definitely have a good time with friends in this, but outside of that, it's not worth it. I definitely do not recommend this game whatsoever. Save your money.
  9. I bought this game due to Ross's coverage of it. It's fun, but it's a game you'll have to play over to level up your characters before you'll really have any realistic chance of beating it. The deck is stacked against you pretty hard in this. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then go for it.
  10. Interesting game. Ross's notes pretty much nail everything of note. I would however like to add that people went NUTS over this game when it first came out for some reason. It was probably the weirdest disconnect between myself and the general gaming audience that I have ever experience.
  11. This game is very short, just so you know. I highly recommend waiting for it to go on sale, because asking 20 dollars for a game that can be beat in 2 hours is a hard sell for me. That being said, it's fun, and there are some really poignant moments. One of the later stories you play through is probably one of the most relateable things I have ever played through in a video game, and hit really close to home for me. I'm sure most people would know EXACTLY what I am talking about.
  12. The atmosphere, sound, and art direction of this game is phenomenal. Basically it's sort of like those survival games that were super popular a while back, in that you have to gather supplies to build up defenses at your base, and then survive through the night in which all kind of creepy shit happens. However, unlike a lot of those games, this game actually has a story that you'll need to progress through. I think it's also worth mentioning how effective the game is at creating a horrifying atmosphere during the nights. I was hiding in the corner of my house like a coward, and I went to make sure the front door was locked, but I accidentally opened it because I was an idiot. Turns out SOMEONE was out there, because the moment I opened it, they were surprised, and started to come in, so I bolted to another part of the house and locked myself in there. Even with lights on, you never truly are safe at night time.
  13. VERY fun game! I've only played the survival mode since the campaign only came out relatively recently, but I think it's worth it for survival mode alone. You have to survive for 100 days (less or more depending on difficulty), and that involves surrounding your settlement with walls, towers, and tons of units to stop the oncoming horde. Throughout the days, you'll have to fend off progressively larger raids of zombies, until on the last few days, you'll be assaulted by an absolutely massive horde - not quite billions, but it sure feels like it. Only negatives I can think of is that the survival maps are randomly generated, and sometimes it spawns you in a ridiculously bad spot that there's just simply no way you can win. Or sometimes you get a good spot, but the ore you need is really far... I guess that's the nature of the genre though. I highly recommend this game.
  14. I guess I'll be the opposite of the comments here: I really enjoyed this game a lot. The characters act like their age in most cases, and that means being irrational about trivial and not-so-trivial bullshit. The conversation system is a lot of fun, I loved how it seamlessly fit into the gameplay (what little of it there is, anyway), and I just had a really good time with it. The game also has a little replay value, since certain things change on subsequent playthroughs (not ENOUGH changes however, you'll still be playing mostly the same thing, so your mileage may vary on whether it's worth it).
  15. I never would have found this game if not for this list. Very interesting game, was a lot of fun, but the melee attack is kind of ridiculously overpowered, since it sort of trivializes the game if you utilize it well.
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