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  1. yep, me too. my kids were only into it because of FGTV (were we refraining from naming them? ) it's not fun IMO and I hated having to endure helping them solve the non-puzzles.
  2. This one is not GaaS. You can host your own server and it has mod support. Built of a modified ARK engine. It's also coming out of EA soon (Oct 11, 2019). https://steamcommunity.com/games/487120/announcements/detail/1594755300835821567 This game is a sandbox type game, so no real ending or story.
  3. Warspawn


    IMO this is true for most of what this developer makes (Gothic and Risen series). IMO they are fun in spite of the bugs due to their interesting worlds.
  4. This game was interesting, but it's dead now. Killed by developer. Final Message
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