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  1. The game is Free-to-Play. That said, it's also forced 4 vs 1 PvP with an absolutely atrocious leveling up system. The PvE stuff isn't all that bad, but the PvP is a bad joke, and with how much damage you do and take tied directly to how much you've leveled your character, it's easy to end up in a situation where you can't really do anything as the lone "Bad guy" in PvP, or put up against a player that easily annihilates your team over and over.
  2. The music is excellent, the graphics are excellent and the story is pretty great. You'll need to do some reading, and pay attention to the environments, but it's there and pretty well fleshed out. Probably the best "You're the bad guy, actually" story I've played in a videogame. As far as gameplay goes, it is *not* a run-n-gun freewheeling twin-stick shooter. Maneuver, positioning, and the noise your weapons make all matter a great deal, as well as tunneling through the level and controlling how much you're engaged with enemies. The game itself is divided between the campaign, where missions are somewhat puzzle-like with fixed objectives, a selection of 4 vehicles and their attendant loadout; and the Freelance mode, where you choose your pilot (who determines difficulty), vehicle, weapons, and special ability, followed by choosing what maps you want to run. There is a huge variety of vehicles that manage to minimize how same-y they feel even among examples in the same class. Generally larger, more powerful vehicles are less expensive and make less money on a run, while smaller vehicles are more expensive to unlock and have much greater cash-earning capability. Their guns run the inverse in cost, as smaller/lighter vehicles are far more dependent on an effective combination of weapons, while the really big stuff can have a single mount pull all the weight and combos are generally (generally! Not always!) not as important. That said, the aiming takes a lot of getting used to, as ever projectile has moderate-to-heavy drop, fairly long flight times, and the targeting lines end about 4/5ths of the way to the point of aim.
  3. Dreadnought is Free-to-Play. That said, the PS4 version has a pretty nice Players-vs-Enemies mode that has yet to make its way to PC. The game's grind is horrid, very much like WoT, but worse in a few regards, namely that starting from Tier 3 you'll be encountering players that have ground out special buffs for their ships that require you to grind through virtually every ship tree in the game. The buffs, "Briefings" in game parlance, are hugely influential on ship capabilities and create a situation where you're not really playing the same game when you don't have them and other players do. Also heal-balls exist, and teams of healers can drag combat out for an extremely long period of time... most of the match, generally and your team will likely not be able to do anything to counter it.
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